Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year, A New Format

Namas tayam! (Greetings everyone)

I've been wanting to post more of the happenings in my life over the last few months, but I've not gotten the urge to sit down and do it all in one go. Instead I'd like to begin keeping a daily log of my activities, something I feel I'll be able to keep up with more readily than large posts every who knows when. For the most part I'll be dividing my posts into combat and industry sections, unless of course the two overlap for the day.

Combat for today consisted mostly of my daily patrol of the Placid region. I was close to catching a pirate Daredevil in Vey but his faster align time meant I was unable to keep up with him as he hopped around the system. Once my corpmate Richard Masseri undocked we attempted to catch another pirate, this one in an Arbitrator. Richard was able to get the target pointed, but by the time I arrived he'd already destroyed the pirate's ship. Looking at the loss afterward, we were both surprised how fast the pirate died, since it was using dual reps, both normal and ancillary repair units. 

My industrial activities consisted primarily of my continued efforts to rescue lost and abandoned drones, as well as unclutter my Directional scanner. I ended the night having recovered more than 25 million ISK of drones, mostly Warriors.

That's all for today everyone, suprab nahi! (Good night)

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