Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Fun Monday, January 12

Namas tayam!

The corp had a bit of unconventional combat today, in that I don't think we actually killed anyone. The action started when we found Caldari Militia pilot Foley Aberas Jones, firing orbital rounds down upon beautiful Intaki Prime. The fellow was neutral so we couldn't just turn him into fireworks above Intaki, so we came up with the bright idea to shoot fireworks at him instead. We gathered together nearby, launchers loaded with varying colors of explosives, before finally landing on grid, pointing our target, and lighting him up with our stored pyrotechnics.

Our target was appropriately terrified by our actions, though surprised we hadn't acted with intent to destroy his vessel. Several minutes later it was noticed that Foley's armor had taken damage and the decision was made for some of us to leave and come back with armor repair capabilities. This further confused our quarry, though at this point I'm pretty sure he understood we had no intention of actually killing him.

Though it's likely Richard's smartbombing Megathron landing on grid a few minutes later scared him a little bit. We let him go a a bit later once we had run out of chemical explosives and frozen water to throw at him, with a stern warning and more than likely a confused smile on his face.

I later went on to lose an Algos to a small Dead Star Syndicate fleet comprising of an Enyo, two Tristans, and oddly enough, a Bantam.

My industrial activities for today were limited to some minor production and shipping, and the retrieval of a blueprint original I apparently misplaced in Amarr space. It should help me with some of my defensive capabilities, provided I can find the materials, some of which are hard to come by in my area of operations. Pretty quiet day overall to be honest.

That's all for today,
Suprab nahi tayam!

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