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Erun Talan

Erun has been an active capsuleer since mid YC 110. Erun is an active Industrialist, Explorer, and sometimes Combatant. His primary expertise is in drones and their related ships, skills, and modules. He is also an avid historian and amateur archaeologist, with extensive knowledge of ancient cultures. His work with the Servant Sisters of Eve in these pursuits and others has given him a uncommon perspective on many things, from the people and places he's encountered them in, to the technology often taken for granted in daily life. When not mining or tinkering with his latest research project he can be found out patrolling in Intaki and her environs, fighting the undesirables that continue to plague her safety and prosperity.

Leatha Talan

Leatha is one of the increasingly common cases of capsuleers who do nothing with their new-found demigod status. After seeing her cousin Erun pass the extensive genetic and psychological screening process needed to become a capsuleer she underwent the same testing and was found to be acceptable. After working at her dead end secretarial job long enough to afford the implants and conditioning she underwent the procedure to obtain her effective immortality. Now she is employed as a much higher paid secretary to her cousin, managing most of his planetary affairs with the assurance that her license will be renewed as long as Erun continues to be a pilot himself. She has only minimal industrial training, preferring to spend her time relaxing with her now impressive digital library, enjoying the luxuries that accompany capsuleer life.

Phalad Sahantun

An old family friend of Erun's, Phalad's personal combat skills led him towards more martial pursuits than Erun's more intellectual ones. After his mercenary training was completed he was found to have a high aptitude for Logistic work. He is quickly becoming proficient with even the most advanced equipment affiliated with that line of work. If seen in the field he'll likely be repairing, resupplying, and providing intelligence for his allies, all while giving covering fire with his Combat Rifle.

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