Friday, October 19, 2018

November 19, YC 120 "Mechanical Toys, Clone Soldiers"

#External communications request detected, verifying identity and authorization protocols. Authorization received, identity confirmed as clone soldier callsign ‘Phalad Sahantun.’ infomorph status unknown, assumed prime iteration. Transferring communication to current iteration of capsuleer infomorph ‘Erun Talan’#

#Recording initiated#

“Hey Pali, I'm working on some interesting new drone systems. The rogues are doing some fascinating experiments, but some of them are a bit fiddly…”

#You have an incoming comms request from Phalad  sir.#

“Really? He's been laying low on the homeworld with my folks for a good while now. Had some torrential rains there a few weeks ago, though the volcano seems to have quieted down some. Go ahead and patch him through, something must be going on for him to reach me.”

#Communication link established with Intaki local fluid router network.#

“Hey Erun, howzit?”

“Doing good brother, you?”

“Pretty good, putting a few of your folks’ coops back together after the last rains came through, keeping myself busy. Not why I called though. You been eyeing the news from Concord the last few days?”

“I, uh, have been out of the loop for a little while now. We just had another Rogue Drone Swarm and I've got so much new material and data to go through, it looks like they've managed to make some further improvements to the Hammerhead design and even seem to be working on some new combat subroutines that-”

“... Is he still eating Pali?”

#When I remind him, yes. It is better when he remains in pod, intravenously feeding him is so much easier.#

“- might be receiving information from the swarms being employed by the Triglavians, and I really need to get into some of those Abyssal pockets to observe their behaviors, just need to get a good fitting together for them and-"

“Yeah, that's uh, nice, but Concord is putting together a task force to deal with a spate of hijackings and ship thefts that have been going on out in and around Molden Heath.”

“Hmm… Most of the clone soldiers were still out there when the Tacnet started to shutdown right? Concord must be worried that a good number of them have gone AWOL rather than go to ground. Are you in any danger, are my folks?”

“I don't believe so actually. One of my old secure contact points actually had a request for my combat readiness from this new Aegis Taskforce being put together. I put out some feelers in the old community and I'm not the only one. Seems quite a few of the veterans from Mordu’s Trials and the Battle for New Caldari are receiving discrete inquiries from Concord. I figured since you attend that conference they set up every year you might be able to poke around, see if you can dig up any information.”




#A sigh can be heard on the other end of the connection# “You forgot didn’t you?”

“I, no!... Maybe…”

#I have reminded him several times that the conference was this week, but it would appear he has forgotten once again in his zeal to play with his new toys and data.#

“It’s not my fault, there’s so much to research!”

“Go to sleep Erun, the conference starts in less than twelve hours, and you’ll still need to get there, as I’m sure you don’t have a clone nearby you can jump to.”

“Not in years, I haven’t had to mine pyroxeres nearby for nocxium in that long, lowsec is just a much better place to get all the resources I need.”

“Whatever, just let me know whatever you can dig up while you’re there alright? I’m gonna get back to it, your folks have a few storage sheds that need repairs after the lat rainstorm passed through. Make sure he gets there Pali?”

#I shan’t let him get out of it, he has little enough human contact as it is.#

#Connection terminated at source#

#I will wake you in 7 hours 15 minutes sir. Conditions around Yulai should have us arriving during the registration period for the conference.#

“Thanks Pali, lock down the lab for me will you?

#Erun yawns as he walks to his quarters.#

#As you wish sir.#

#Recording ended, archiving#

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