Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 17th

Namas tayam!

Had a lot of combat today though none of it was against other capsuleers. I completed more than half a dozen missions for my agent, and though most were normal recovery or kill missions, I did have one that gave me some trouble. She offered me my first burner mission today, a contract to kill a renegade Jaguar pilot with some logistical support. My first attempt could have gone better to be honest, I rushed in with my Ishkur thinking I'd be able to manhandle the Bursts she had helping her. I was quickly dissuaded of this notion when the Jaguar promptly ripped my Ishkur to shreds within seconds of engaging. The Jaguar was only using an Afterburner, and so were her escorts, so I came back in a kiting Tristan, hoping that if I could keep range I'd be able to pick them off one by one. A few lucky shots from the Jaguar nearly killed this idea, but I was also unable to break the shield tank the two Bursts were able to sustain. My last effort was finally successful, I brought my Worm out and was finally able to break through the Bursts desperate defenses before obliterating the Jaguar at a relatively safe 18 kilometers away. I'd fit a point on all of my ships, just in case the Jaguar pilot decided to scarper off, though now it seems unnecessary. The rest of my missions for the day were much more tame in comparison, but I'll be ready next time I have to fight one of these Burner pilots.

Normal industrial operations today, mostly consisting of maintaining my Planetary operations and some more production of T2 components.

Suprab nahi tayam!

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