Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Incursions Into Intaki

I woke to the sound of blaring sirens, as ear piercing klaxons sounded across all levels of the station with a decibel level high enough to shake even me from my normally coma-like slumber.

"This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. Gravimetric sensors have detected the opening of several wormhole interstices across the Viriette constellation in rapid succession.  Analysis of the pattern indicates we are facing a sizable incursion by the forces of renegade capsuleer Sansha Kuvakei.  All nonessential personnel are advised to report to designated shelters. All station defense crews are to report immediately to their assigned posts and remain on standby until further notice. Once again, this is not a drill."

The color had drained from my face during the announcement, and any semblance of tiredness was quickly banished. I quickly brought my Neocom online, Aura's synthesized greeting carrying a hint of worry as my normal chat windows unfolded. There was a new addition among them, the constellation wide fluid routers had been put online, displaying a warning to all capsuleers of the Sansha incursion. The last part of the message caused a moment of panic in my mind before I was able to tamp it down. Under normal circumstances the Empire navies would provide planetary overwatch while capsuleer forces would work on pushing back and eliminating the Sansha invaders. Intaki though doesn't enjoy the protection of either of the two Empires that bicker over it, neither the Gallente, nor the Caldari maintain a standing naval garrison in the system. Instead, home is protected with almost zealous fervor by the Mordu's Legion mercenaries, many of whom are ethnic Intaki or Caldari sympathizers. If I remember what my contact told me, they'll be pulling their ships into a defensive cordon around Intaki Prime, with round the clock sensor coverage to protect the civilian population below.

I imagine that Phalad will have his consciousness moved planetside in order to provide any assistance that he can. My own duties will be making sure that the stargates into and out of system remain clear, and the destruction of any Sansha assets I can find in the asteroid belts. The Serpentis who would normally be hunting them have just as much to worry about as any law-abiding citizens, so they are more than likely to pull their forces to defend any habitats they have in system. For now though I'm going to prep my ships for heavy combat and see if I can get in touch with some of my contacts in E-Uni and see if they are planning any offensive actions. There's a lot of work to be done if we are going to repel these zombies...

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