Friday, December 18, 2015

Week 50 YC117 "Solar Winds, Cold Breezes"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is waving for Pali to come closer#

"You know I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to Erun, contracts like the one Arkombine took are always covered by some very gnarly non-disclosure agreements. And anything else I told you would just be hearsay."

 #Pouting# "So nothing then Phalad? You can't give me anything?"

"Sorry bud, you'll just need to catch the Scope broadcasts like everyone else."

"Bah, alright then. Good luck out there sir."

"Ha! Don't need luck when I've got my Lai Dai Flux Repair Tool. Later Erun!"

 #Erun closes the comm connection with a sigh#

"Hey Pali, sorry for not recording anything last week, everything has been a little hectic since ORE was reclaimed from the Serpentis by a joint strike force of Mordu's and Arkombine mercenaries. They've since been folded into the new Upwell Consortium led by ORE's former owner Yani Sar Arteu. Now these folks are looking to help design some truly massive structures strictly for capsuleer use, so I assume they wanted some industrial backing for these projects."

#Erun has begun pacing#

"I've reached out to my contacts out in 4C-B7X, and so far they've all been rather pleased with the transition back to Yani's control. I'm pretty sure the Serpentis were far more interested in ORE's proprietary gas mining technology than anything else, and their theft of more ORE tech as they were evicted lends credence to that fact.Mordu's Command has released a statement that they have the locations of many of the Serpentis who made off with their assets, and have released those locations for capsuleers to find and destroy. They are being really cool about it too and letting us keep anything we find on the Serps as a reward. So far I've been able to recover, well, a few bottles of Ultra Quafe."

#And clothes sir#

"Yeah, I think the Suresha plans to gather up all the Serpentis uniforms we've been collecting and having them made into a solar sail. At least that's what she told us after the last batch she found. #Shrugs and grins# I'll be perfectly honest, I've been taking on these, Frostline Targets as they've been labelled, in my Procurers between mining sessions. Even got my first killmark applied on one of them the other night, that little chevron but a big old smile on my face."

#Frowns# "And then some of the fine folks from the maintenance crew decided it would be a good idea to take it out of dock to make sure the mark would stay applied under extreme conditions. You know what these geniuses did? They flew my Procurer into the corona of the Intaki star! Haven't seen them, or my ship, since!"

#About that sir#

"Did it actually re-emerge? I was catching intermittent signals from it before I went to bed that night, never enough to resolve a warpable signature though..."

#It was found sir yes - By a local pirate gang#

#Erun is scowling at Pali#

"You said that just a little too gleefully there bud. Anything you need to clear out of your cache?"

#No sir Pali is operating optimally - Unlike your Procurer#

"Meanie. I have shiny new toys to play with anyway! I managed to get some successful invention done over the last few days, which has let me put into production some of the new ORE ships and modules. The new Endurance Expedition Frigate is simply amazing, even more so when coupled with the newly developed ice mining turrets. I was able to mine more than 40 Thousand cubic meters of ice in about an hour, with very little interruption thanks to the Endurance's ability to move unimpeded while cloaked. Should make gathering the materials for my new project a lot easier..."

#You just like mining in dangerous situations sir - Your projects as you call them are just an excuse#

"Well sure they are! But that doesn't mean I can't build things after stuff has been blown up!"

#Pali is ending the recording now sir#

"You do that Pali, I have more projects #feral grin# to work on."

#Pali would sigh if it were possible - Ending recording and archiving#

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