Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 47 YC117 "Mining is Expensive"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is softly grumbling to himself as he putters around his hangar#

#Pali told you that restricting your Procurer use to Wormhole mining and fleet ops would be more fiscally responsible#

#Noncommittal grunting noise#

#You have no one to blame but yourself for these losses sir#

"Gah! I know that but it still stings every time, you know, aside from the horrible burning and exploding bits. I wouldn't even be so mad if I had just been able to take one or two of them down with me. But no! I am attacked by a combat battlecruiser with a suspiciously powerful tank that cost Zilpin Rana her Vexor, and a fleet of no less than seven faction or T3 cruisers flown by our next door neighbors SNUFF."

#Erun throws his hands in the air and begins pacing in a circle#

"I'll probably take your advice and do my lowsec mining in Ventures to keep my overhead costs down. I don't mind losing the Procurers now and then as long as I can destroy pirate ships worth more than their production costs, but that just hasn't been happening the last few weeks."

"In more positive news, I have been practicing some advanced hauling techniques in simulations, so I should be able to start bulk movement of minerals again. I've been using my Viator almost exclusively for my hauling for a while now and I'm starting to get a good bit more material than I'd like built up in the hisec pocket."

#Erun scratches his beard a bit before grinning#

"I have also, been getting messages from new pilots, referrals from some of the locals in the Placid, asking for advice on how to mine safely in lowsec. I'll admit, I'm not the most risk averse miner in the cluster, but I've been recommending they stick to the Venture for it's versatility and relative cost. A well fit Venture can speed and signature tank the Serpentis in the area pretty well, and their drones are often more than enough to deal with the smaller vessels that patrol the belts."

#Erun rubs his eyes with the heels of his palms#

#Will that be all then sir? - You still have several hundred thousand cubic meters of materials to retrieve tonite#

"Yeah... It's nice to be able to move things in volume again though... Oh and can you update my Neocom portrait for me?

#Really sir? You look like a vagrant#

"I know! #Grinning# "I love looking a little scruffy in them, lends to the 'working man' image I try to live up to."

#As you wish sir - Pali is sure the the Suresha loves having her Commerce leader looking like he just walked in from the wilds"

#Erun blanches#

"You think I should be wearing like a suit or something?"

#Or something#

"Lemme go see if I have something nicer stashed in my quarters, I think I still have that jacket..."

#So sorry sir but Pali has already sent of your current portrait and now his photoreceptors seem to be on the fritz#

"On the fri... come here and take my picture again you little booger!"

#Pali evades Erun's flailing arms#

#Recording ended - Archiving#

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