Thursday, January 21, 2016

Week 3 YC118 "Mistakes were made”

#Recording initiated#

“So the first week of the new year was a bit off for me, most of the corp was planetside spending time with family so I had a lot of time to myself. #Never a good thing sir# Shush, my own family has never been terribly religious, a simple chat with my mother to reassure her that I was still technically alive is usually enough. She of course laughed at my current lack of hair, having never liked when I grow anything longer than a few millimeters. The younger of my sisters finds my lack of eyebrows almost as amusing as you do Pali. I'll let you recount the loss of my latest clone, I'll be on the couch brainstorming for some new projects.

#With pleasure sir#

#Playback initiated#

“Um… Pali the wormhole is gone”

#Yes sir, it would seem to have collapsed since we passed through#

“But it was still stable when we came through! The gravitational sensors said it would last most of the day!”

#Current readings would seem to indicate that it was destabilized by the passage of a vessel several orders of magnitude larger than the Ishkur sir#

“... Well that sucks, now how will I get this Frostline loot home... Are you getting anything in the Local EM bands?”

#Local subspace communications are offline, Anoikis sir#

“You think anyone would be listening in system?”

#Unlikely sir, a vessel large enough to destabilize the wormhole we used would not wish to attract undue attention#

“I'm going to try anyway.”

#As you will sir - Several minutes pass with no reply#

#Erun gives a mental sigh# “Alright Pali, prepare to scuttle the ship.”


“There's only one way to get my consciousness home now, I'll need to self destruct my pod. #Sir!# It's alright Pali, I've had to do it before, though I'm not ashamed to admit that it's a very unpleasant experience. You should be fine, your systems are tied into my Neocom, I'll reestablish contact once the new clone body is flashed with my memory patterns.”

#Very well sir - Capsule ejected - Self-destruct countdown initiated - Two minutes to pod breach#

“Still wish they hadn't made the countdown so long, two whole minutes, really? Anyone contemplating terminating their clone doesn't need that much time to reconsider do they?”

#Sir, is this really the best time for this discussion?#

“Probably not, but it passes the time. So glad I don't bring any crew with me when I go wormhole diving, just for this reason.” #10 seconds sir# “See you in a bit Pali!”

#Recording interrupted - Ending Playback#

#Erun is still on the couch fiddling with a datapad#

“So yeah that was fun. Is it sad that I actually have a folder dedicated to the implants I keep having to replace? #Yes# Meh, I call it being prepared. #If you say so sir# What’s worse is that I lost another Ishkur not even a few hours later. I found a Frostline site on the outskirts of Intaki that looked promising. Unfortunately local pirate Nuke Cave also became aware of the site when he entered system nearby. I’ll admit, my new Ishkur put up a good fight, but against Daredevil flown by an experienced pilot like Nuke, it just wasn’t enough. I was able to get my pod out though, and Nuke and I exchanged GF’s in local. I don’t harbor as much ill will towards Nuke as other pirates really, he’s always been more interested in testing his mettle against other pilots than just creating chaos and terror. Still doesn’t mean I enjoy getting my ships blown up though…”

#Did you have any other blunders to report sir?#

#Erun is glaring at Pali - Please don't throw the datapad at Pali# “I won't. And no, that’s all for now Pali, as always you’ll be the first to know.”

#Recording ended - Archiving#

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