Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 42 YC117 "The Promotion"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is silent - Did you still want to record sir?#

"Yeah, sorry Pali. Just gathering my thoughts, a lot happened this week."

#Yes - I am aware sir - Congratulations by the way#

"Thanks bud. It was a big surprise when the Suresha called me into her office to give me the news. The rank of Isha-Dravya, or Leader of Commerce, comes with a lot of responsibility. I'm now in charge of both the resource collectors in the corp, the ore and ice miners as well as those who collect gas for safe disposal. I'll also be responsible for those of us that produce goods and put them up for sale within Placid. Most importantly in my opinion, is that I'm responsible for the continued well being of the pilots under my command and for looking for new recruits that can be brought under my purview."

#That last one would probably be easier if you left lowsec more than every couple of months#

"True enough, though I feel some of the best candidates for inclusion in the ILF industry wing are people that can handle themselves in lowsec. Although truth be told, I wouldn't mind if we could get some new pilots that I could mold into combat capable miners..."

#Pali is reasonably certain that if anyone else saw that smile they would have you committed sir#

"Hehe, probably, but then they wouldn't get to enjoy me killing pirates with mining vessels. Would be nice and quiet though, and they wouldn't mind me talking to myself as much as I do..."

#Best to stop that line of thinking sir - You made Pali for a reason#

"True, true. But the walls are padded, and I'm sure they have some nice young ladies in clean white lab coats and-"

#No sir - You got in trouble the last time you volunteered yourself for psychiatric evaluation#

"Oh come on, that was fun!"

#They had to commit several of the staff and most of the orderlies were given incentives to retire#

"Spoilsport... Staying out will give me more time to work on reinvigorating my industry lines though... I'm planning on actually living up to my title of Leader of Commerce and actually doing some, you know, commerce."

#So instead of stockpiling all of those modules and ships and never actually using them you're going to start selling them?#

"Exactly! #Erun is scowling now# I do so use those things!"

#According to my logs of your inventory you've actually replaced more of your losses with salvage than you've actually used#

"Really? #Yes sir# Huh..."

#Some of your invention runs have just completed sir#

"Ah! Excellent! How did this batch go?"

#You averaged a 46% average success rate sir#

"Hmm... I should probably finish my studies on Graviton Physics, that should help bring that a bit higher..."

#Working on your Encryption Methods would serve the same purpose sir#

"It would, but it would also ruffle the Navies a bit, though that honestly doesn't bother me as much as it should..."

#As you wish sir - You had something else you wanted to share?#

#Erun's face has flushed a bright red#

#Lowly# "Boss lady knew this was going to happen"

#Coughs# "Yes, I uh, wanted to thank the Suresha for this opportunity to help improve both myself and the corp. After spending the last few years flying with the ILF, I can honestly say I view the people I fly with as an extended family. We may not all come from the same bloodlines or even races, but we've all gathered here in Intaki to help further a cause that we all believe in. I spent a long time searching for a purpose in New Eden and the closest I've come to my time with the ILF is the many months I spent doing humanitarian work for the Sisters. I want to make sure the ILF continues to grow, not just in terms of members and materials, but also in the amount of influence we can project within the Placid region both economically and politically."

"And of course I'll do my best to provide sound advice and helpful guidance to those will have to put up with my leadership. I'd love to see some more organized mining operations in and around Intaki, maybe if we can set them up well enough we could attract some new industrialists to the area and improve the Placid market!"

#Does that mean you'll get some more work done on your#

"Yes! I'll definitely be working some more on the my Lowsec Industry Advice! It keeps getting bigger and it totally isn't entirely my fault this time! My new method of obtaining High End minerals means I need to rewrite certain sections and rearrange a few more! And my promotion has given me ideas to expand the areas of industry covered. I'm having to redo my structured outline for the whole thing again and I'm thinking of putting some more tips for using basic navigational tools to-"

#Pali is going to end the session here before Erun's ranting is no longer intelligible - Less so in any case#

#Ending Recording - Archiving#

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