Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 43 YC117 "Ramping Up"

#Recording initiated#

"That cannot be sanitary..."


"Sorry, I was watching Omir's rather melodramatic broadcast. That blood spray can't have been good for him could it? I'm curious now, would blood plasma make a good moisturizer? And since most of the Sani Sabik sects prize capsuleer blood above all, one likely wouldn't need to worry about communicable diseases. Aerosolization would be rather simple..."


"Well I can't imagine a cream doing well, though I believe topical application of some kind would be preferred by most. Though using genuine blood would probably become prohibitively expensive for most, perhaps a synthetic substitute that shares the same organic chemistry?"

#Please stop#

"You're right, someone else has probably thought of this, the market is likely saturated... My own production has picked up quite a bit the last week, with my drones and their peripheral modules filling what looks a pretty good niche in the region. Manufacturing of various hull reinforcement modules also continues apace, filling another hole in the local market. And a large order from Richard should see my assembly lines rolling for the foreseeable future. It's nice to see all of my industry slots active again! Not that I've been slacking in my combat mining. #Looks at Pali# New term I came up with, how do you like it?

#It is almost as bad as you sir- Erun blows a raspberry at Pali - Very mature sir#

"Whatever you little booger, I like it! I did some more combat mining this week, further building up my mineral supplies for my construction projects, and several pirates and interlopers were denied the continued use of their ships in the process. I did suffer a few Procurer losses this week, but the most recent I'm not so upset about as I managed to take a Confessor down with me."

#At least you remembered to insure this one sir#

"Shush! #Coughs# In other news I may a bit less active in space the next few days as I will be attending a planetside conference. Discussions will be mostly centered on emerging technologies, some small scale, with a big focus on developments in capital ship systems, something I've found interesting of late. If anyone who reads my blog is attending and wants to meet up, I'll be wearing the ILF shirt the Suresha and I designed together on first day. I'm hoping I can get some more to wear at the conference itself, I'm told there's going to be some interesting vendors on site!"

#Will that be all sir?#

"Oh! A hearty welcome to new Liberator Daaaain, who has already shown considerable willingness to engage the less desirable elements in and around Intaki! Keep up the good work sir! Thanks Pali!"

#Recording ended - Archiving#

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