Monday, October 5, 2015

Update for Weeks 40 and 41 YC117

#Recording initiated#

"Hey Pali, how was the session with Phalad?"

#You sent one of Pali's mobile chassis to a Luddite#

"Phalad isn't a Luddite! He just doesn't like technology that can talk. Or really people that talk for that matter... "

#Indeed - His antisocial tendencies are readily apparent - Though he at least does not assault Pali's chassis with a pipe#

"Give it time he'll probably shoot one or something"

#Unlikely - You on the other hand have destroyed 14 of Pali's housings since first being brought online#

"Hey, at least half of those were structural integrity tests!"


#Erun throws his hands in the air# "Bah, whatever. This week's post is a double as I was busy planetside a lot last week. I've been discussing changing over some of my production lines. I've made more than enough Nanite Repair Paste to last me the next, oh, decade or so. I'll likely be changing over to production of POS fuels or deployable components. Numen will be supplying me his own production at cost, an arrangement we both find agreeable."

"I've also been using a new method to accumulate a decent stockpile of higher end minerals like zydrine, and more importantly megacyte. It's amazing the amount of Arkonor, Bistot, and even Mercoxit that people just leave lying around in Wormholes. Having such a good source for my higher end minerals means that I can provide less dangerous to acquire, but still valuable materials for corp projects. Which reminds me I still need to get with Yumi to finalize some numbers. That woman keeps such odd hours, there's really no pattern to it!"

#Probably best not to think too hard on it sir#

"I suppose... She handles herself pretty well in combat so I'm not worried. Oh, another corpmate who is doing well is new member Rana Hekellon who's been promoted to the rank of Zilpin or Craftswoman within the ILF's Vidya (Production) wing. She's also been active in our combat roams, so it looks like Richard and I have a new werebear joining our ranks. #Erun has a silly grin on his face - Werebear?# Yes, an industrial pilot who is able to defend themselves and their interests. It's kind a must for anyone conducting extensive industrial operations in lowsec."

#Like the Svipul you destroyed while mining today?#

"Exactly! Though I wish I could have salvaged more of his aftermarket modifications from his wreck, some of those modules would have been very useful..."

#And expensive#

"I know! The Webifier on that thing was worth almost twice the cost of the hull!"

#Just as well sir - Are we done for today?#

"Yup, go ahead and archive today's session, thanks Pali."

#Recording ended - Archiving#

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