Monday, September 21, 2015

Update 9/21 YC117 With Supplement

#Begin recording#

"Hey Pali, had an interesting week, got quite a few kills and started on some work for the corp. Let's start with the kills shall we?"

#If you must - Kills is however a misnomer as you never breached the Capsule of any of the pilot's whose ships you destroyed#

"Hush you, it's more than likely that I'm killing a few of the crew on each of those vessels every time they explode... And now you've ruined my good mood... You suck..."

#I am incapable of creating localized vacuums - Sir#

#Glares - Shakes head and continues speaking# Anywhoo, most of my victories #Glares at Pali once more# happened early in the week while mining. First was a FedMil pilot flying a Firetail who was unable to escape before my drones destroyed his omni-tanked ship. The next two were losses for what looked like newbie pirate who attacked me first in a neuting Tristan who popped rather quickly once he ran out of nanite repair paste for his Ancillary Armor Repair. He returned about ten minutes later in a hull tanked Algos which managed to destroy a few of my poor drones before it too exploded. Good fights were exchanged and the pilot commented on the fact that trying the same thing twice hadn't worked, which I confirmed. The next one was a fairly high standing Stratios pilot who set upon a friend and myself while mining. We weren't quite able to pin him down, but we were able to apply some damage as he fled after attacking. He'd almost escaped when a local pirate decloaked nearby and helped us destroy the Stratios before fading back into the emptiness of space. Finally, midway through the week Richard and I were able to take down a pirate Confessor using our new Hecates."

#What about the-# "Nope, that was an accident." #Very well#

"I have slowed down my barge project while I work on industrial efforts within the ILF."

#And you still haven't worked on your advice posts#

"No but I do have a bit of free time this week, so I'll for sure get some work done on it."

#If you say so sir#

"That should be good for this week. By the way, make sure you tack Phalad's report onto the end of this recording, yeah? He's been pretty active the last few days, I'll let him explain."

#Recording Ended - Archiving - Appending with supplementary report by Clone Mercenary Phalad Sahantun#

#Playing supplementary recording#

"Is this thing on?"

#This thing is Pali - And yes Pali is recording#

"You talk?"


"Great, Erun sent me a talking recorder"

#Pali is a narrow Artificial Intelligence purposed as an anolog interface with Erun's Neocom - Not a talking recorder#

"Whatever, can I start now?"

#Pali has been waiting on you#

"Snark, yeah you are definitely one of Erun's toys, they always seems to get that. Dork has no idea why it happens, but it does. You still recording?"

#Pali will not stop recording unless instructed to#

"Alright then. Things here on the ground have been rather hectic the last couple of days due to an event sponsored by the Amarr. In memory of the assassinated Empress, the Empire has sponsored a challenge among us Clone Mercenaries. We're being rewarded with quantities of ISK, training, and even Aurum for completing missions ranging from kills, completing matches, and getting certain amounts of warpoints. The biggest reward however is given if we can win 30 matches, a Deathshroud SKIN that we can use on any of our Amarr Medium frames, whether it's a basic frame, assault frame, or my personal favorite, the logistics frame. It took me about three days to get enough wins to earn the Deathshroud, during which I encountered every merc and their mother using the most rare and expensive gear they had available. I burned through quite a bit of my own ISK getting the wins, but a few days of running around in my cheaper fits should let me make it back fairly quickly."

#You could ask Erun for ISK#

"Nah, the SCC still won't allow money transfers to mercs from capsuleers, kinda weird but I don't mind. I prefer to make my own money if I can help it. I have a pretty good nest egg built up in any case so I'm not really hurting. I still give out sums to the newer mercs I run into on the battlefield. The skillbooks for new weapons, suits, and modules can be a bit expensive for a merc just starting out."

#Anything else#

"Nope, I'll give Erun a holler if I get any more news for him. ... Are you staying here?"

#This chassis is one of several dozen I have available - Erun figured you could use a companion since you tend to just operate in uncomfortable silence#

"You follow me onto the battlefield and I'm not paying to replace you."

#My personality is housed in supercomputing cluster in Erun's hangar in Intaki - There is need to worry about my well being - Nonetheless I will be remaining inside your quarters in Aulbres#

"Yay, you can stop recording now."

#Recording ended - Phalad seems to be even less social than Erun - Pali does not expect many updates from Phalad#

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