Monday, September 14, 2015

Erun's Update, Week 37 YC117


"Hey everyone, a more combat filled update this week, and I didn't even lose hundreds of millions of isk!"

#Yay for Erun...#

"Wow, that was... You suck Pali. Your enthusiasm continues to surprise me, or rather, your lack thereof."

#You bet sir#


#Very mature sir#

"Stupid booger... Anyway, Richard and I did some recon this week on the Shadow Cartel conflict against SNUFF and their allies Cruisers Crew. We were able to watch a POCO owned by an SC owned affiliate come out of reinforced mode, get it's shields recharged back to full, and then get reinforced again by an Archon that arrived on field.#Erun scratches the new stubble growing on his head#I'm actually a bit concerned that we'll be seeing more of this kind of activity as more more of the less stable entities flee Nullsec. The new station-strength shielding and Entosis links are really change the dynamics of the outer regions.#Rubs the back of his neck#We'll see what happens in the coming months."

#Certainly sir#

"I've had some of successes of my own this week, both in my mining efforts and in the defense of the Intaki Sovereignty. Coincidentally both things happened in the same place, a substantial Crokite Deposit near Intaki that I've been working on for the better part of the week. My first major interruption was a Firetail who was able to take out half of my drones and forced me to nearly burn out my e-war before he finally succumbed. My second and third interruptions were actually committed by the same person. The first time the guy came me in a Tristan that was nearly able to neut my point off before he poof. The next time he was waiting for me on site in an Algos which I was eventually able to destroy despite the fact he was focused almost exclusively on my drones. Thankfully, his passive tank meant my drone volleys were able to do him in before I actually lost any. Good fights were had with both these guys, hopefully they'll give up their lives of crime, but I sincerely doubt it."

#Most people won't change just because you've torn a ship apart around them sir#

"Wouldn't it be nice though?#Heavy sigh#Running into a minor snag in the Barge program to be honest, I've yet to locate a new source of Megacyte in the region, I may need to dip into Nullsec or WH space to find some Ark or Bistot. I'm loathe to put up buy orders for the stuff as it tends to end up scattered all over the place in small quantities, but meh... Good news though, I'm doing pretty well with just about every other mineral I need with the deposits I've been finding in the area. The first ten contracts should be up either next week or the week after."

#Erun is smiling again which is good as his face looks funny when he frowns without hair - Or eyebrows#

#Erun has yanked on a string attached to Pali's mobile chassis - Pali is not a balloon sir#

"But you're so full of hot air I thought it appropriate! Also means I don't need to replace your chassis as often."

#Erun has a stupid grin on his face - Pali will find a way to remove the string at the earliest convenience#

"Hah! Good luck with that! The string is actually an extruded nanotube bundle. The pea-sized reservoir can spool out several kilometers of the stuff and it's darn near unbreakable so nya!"

#Pali is reasonably certain the waste heat from a standard fusion reaction will break down the bonds in a carbon lattice#

#Erun's face has blanched#"Wait, come back, at least archive this session first!"

#Approaching Procurer exhaust port - Thermal load exceeding tolerance - Session Archived#

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