Monday, September 7, 2015

Erun's Update, Week 36 YC117

#Recording initiated#

#Erun's bald again - He's glowering at Pali now#

"Meanie, but yeah, another fresh clone. There's a new tactic going around the region that I shouldn't have fallen for, but did. A pirate will sit near a friendly to them POS and light a cyno to attract the attention of passerby. Under normal conditions a cyno would be lit near a station, but these folks will do so at a moon near a station, giving the impression you will land on the station until you zip past it and get blapped by POS guns. Which is what happened to me. #Shakes his head# I expect this kind of behavior from the hardcore pirates that live in Ostingele, but a Brave Newbie in Agoze? #Shakes his hid again# I just don't know."

#You're just mad the lady podded you in a Navitas#

"UGGHH!! I know!! Seriously!? A Navitas!? Couldn't she even pretend that she was trying to fight with some level of honor? And this is coming from a BRAVE pilot!! I just... #Throws his hands in the air# I got a better fight out of the Goon who attacked me this week while I was mining! What is New Eden coming to!?"

#Erun slumps his shoulders before shaking himself and focusing back on Pali#

"At least I got more work on my project done, I was able to completely mine out a Gneiss deposit I found in Intaki, which was a major boost to my mineral stocks. A couple more Procurers went on the assembly lines as a result, and I hope to begin posting contracts on the market in the next few weeks.

#And your advice column?#


#You didn't even open it this week sir - Erun has slumped his shoulders again#

"I know, I got busy dealing with other stuff planetside this week. Spent some time down the well with my sisters on Intaki, catching up on how their schooling was going and a few holoreels they wanted to see. I needed to unwind a bit!"

#So you'll work on it some this week?#


"Probably... Oh, we welcomed another new member to the corp this week, former Electus Matari pilot Darius Shakor. His combat and exploration expertise will be greatly appreciated here in Placid, and he seems like a pretty cool guy besides."

#Erun is rubbing his hairless scalp - Erun is glaring at Pali again#

"Anything I'm forgetting for the week you little booger?"

#No sir who has no eyebrows - Erun is holding up the ducting pipe again#

#Ending recording - Preparing for Archival - PROXIMITY WARNING#

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