Monday, August 31, 2015

Update from Erun, Week 35 YC117

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is humming to himself as he lounges on the couch in his quarters with a Neocom in his hands- At least he is working#

"You jealous of this?#Waves the highly inefficient Neocom in the air#Ha! You are! Some things are just easier with my own hands. Spreadsheets for instance, I can't navigate and modify spreadsheets through dictation, now can I?"

#Pali will grudgingly admit to this point#

"I thought so. Anyway, the reason for my rather laid back attitude is that it has been rather quiet this week. Snuff and Shadow Cartel don't seem to be as eager to throw capital ships at each other at the moment so I've been able to mine in Intaki fairly peacefully. Which is great because I forgot how much material a Procurer needs. The fact that I'm planning to build dozens of them means I'm going to need a lot of minerals..."

#Or you could just not build dozens#

"Pah, I'm going to need extras for myself anyway."

#You do seem to go through them rather quickly#

"I do... But I haven't been dropped by a blackops fleet for a while! So there's that!"

#I'm pretty sure you've just jinxed yourself sir#

"Nope, but it does give me a good reason to stay in dock for a bit and work on my Advice for Lowsec Mining. I've actually decided to split it into numerous posts since it's getting a bit long in the tooth compared to my normal entries."

#You are just lazy and want more time to work on it sir#

"And there's that. But enough about me! I'd like to welcome Rana Hekellon to the ranks of the ILF! I hope we can count on you to help make Intaki a better place for peaceful and law-abiding citizens. You've already had several hostile encounters with members of the SKT group and Alice P Liddell, so I can only assume you're doing something productive for the people of Intaki that they don't approve of, terrorists that they are. Keep up the good work ma'am!"

#You are likely to scare the poor woman away with that kind of 'support' sir#

"Nah, she'll be fine, just needs to get some more experience out in the belts. #Erun yawns# Been a quiet week otherwise, I'll continue working on my Project, and should have some more progress to show off next week. Thanks Pali!"

#Erun has focused on his handheld Neocom again - It may somehow end up going over the hangar railing later#

#Ending recording - Preparing for Archival#

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