Monday, August 24, 2015

Update from Erun, Week 34

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is pacing back and forth but has not spoken since his prompt for Pali to being recording#

#Pali is making a run at Erun’s head - Erun has somehow caught Pali without looking at Pali#

“Sorry Pali, still smarting from a loss earlier this week, and the news we got this week. #Erun is muttering - Boosting audio gain# Last time I buy myself something shiny…”

#Erun releases Pali and then rubs his hand over the stubble that has begun to emerge from his scalp#

“Friday was rather eventful… The assassination of the Empress by Drifter forces has shocked everyone, even out here in Intaki. Those that keep the faith are admittedly more shaken by recent events. As a, uh.. well…”

#Pali notes you were called a godless heathen at one point sir#

“Our current understanding of quantum mechanics doesn’t preclude the existence of such a post physical entity Pali, we’ve just yet to observe one interacting within our own reality. Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, but without the ability to observe this universe before the Big Bang, or modern verifiable evidence that such a post physical entity is currently interacting within local space-time, I’ve no choice but to show a healthy skepticism towards the belief in an all seeing, all knowing God."

 #Erun gives a sigh as he rubs the back of his head again#

No, I’m much more interested in the political situation that has arisen within the Empire, and the Chamberlain’s confirmation of Succession Trials to come. Compared to many of her predecessors, Jamyl Sarum was a much more moderate ruler, and of late had been more benevolent in her dealings with the other Empires and her treatment of the slaves still present within Amarrian borders. Whichever of the heirs should prevail in the upcoming trials of succession will likely have very different ideas of how the Empire should be run. What effects this could have on the rest of the cluster remains to be seen… And that doesn't even take into account why the Drifters are being so vicious towards the Amarr, and the Empress specifically. What could the Amarrians be doing or be in possession of that has prompted such reactions...?

#Erun is staring into space - He is now shaking his head before giving a short laugh#

“Bah, enough of that, I’m actually in a pretty good mood today. Numen found a good sized Hemorphite Deposit in the Hisec pocket and we’ve been working on that most of the afternoon. Should go a long way towards rebuilding my Zydrine and Nocxium stockpiles. I did put my Lowsec Mining Project on hold #AGAIN# due to an order I received from Rich, I should have that done for him by next week and then I focus on my project again.”

#Pali is reasonably certain that last statement was a falsehood#

“Which part?”

#The part where you said you could focus on something sir#

#Pali has been thrown over Erun’s shoulder - Rude#

“As the few who actually see these reports can tell, Pali remains his usual, snarky self. I’ve installed a SMALL #Erun is looking at nothing in particular# supercomputing cluster in my hangar for him to run his personality out of. This should give him enough processing power, but it won’t allow him to grow much #Erun’s eyes are avoiding Pali again# more than he has. I’ve also removed Pali’s ability to interface with anything other than my own Neocom and his mobile Shells. I love Fluid Router technology, it makes these sort of isolated systems so much easier to work with.

#Pali is now a glorified secretary#

“Yes, you are, and be grateful for it. If I was actually willing to go along with all of the DED’s silly laws restricting research into artificial intelligence, your software would have been wiped and your hardware components reduced to their constituent elements. Instead I have a significantly less attractive, but much more versatile assistant hovering over my shoulder. I’m sure you’ll do your best to keep me from getting a big head Pali, you and Numen seem to be rather deft at deflating my ego...

#As we should be sir - Numen has been in your employ for nearly a decade - And Pali knows literally everything about you - Sir#

#Erun is chuckling nervously#

“Yeah… Alright well that should wrap this up for this week Pali don’t you think?”

#Certainly Sir - Wouldn’t want anyone to know you’ve been tinkering with your clones to reactivate your hair follicles#

#Erun is growling at Pali and approaching with a ducting pipe#

#Recording ended - Archiving to storage before loss of current shell's structural integrity - It was worth it#

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