Monday, August 17, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Final Construction Update)

#Recording initiated#

#The user has a goofy grin on his face - His eyebrows are finally growing back in - The User is sticking his tongue out at Pali through his grin#

“Not gonna bother me today Pali, we’ve put the Suresha’s Revelation on the assembly lines. Final construction and system checks will take place over the next week or so as components are stress tested and mounted. I spent all of this week with Numen in the hisec pocket mining all the materials we needed to finish, so again, not much combat against capsuleers to account for. I was able to sweep the belts in and around Intaki for pirates, finding quite a few Serpentis willing to take. None of them succeeded, but they do keep trying, filling my wallet with their bounties and my hangar with their aftermarket modules.”

#The User looks relaxed and happy#

“I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to starting a new project once the Revelation has been moved to Intaki. The Rev was a massive undertaking, taking the majority of my physical and mental energies for the better part of two months. Mind you I had a blast doing it, mining in lowsec is still one of my favorite things to do. It offers me some of the best minerals in the cluster as well the opportunity for some of the combat I crave on occasion. The idea I had for a new project will have me bringing this experience to others. I intend to build and supply the Placid region with the mining equipment through the markets and contracts.”

#The User is cringing#

“I also intend to finish my long languishing Recommendations for Lowsec Mining, a project I started more than a year ago. #User is rubbing the back of his head# I keep meaning to work on it, but keep getting distracted.”

#It has been three months since you last accessed that document sir#

#The User is glaring at Pali but is also still smiling - Pali finds this odd#

Thank you for that embarrassing bit of information Pali, and what’s with the ’sir?’”

#Pali bobs up and down in the approximation of a human shrug - Pali is attempting to integrate more human mannerisms into its functioning#

“That is... disconcerting...“

#User appears to be deep in thought - Or nodding off - It is hard to tell#

“Which one of the ships in the hangar are you leeching for processing power?”

#The Caracal - You never take it out of dock - ...#

“And that’s why I hardwired honesty into you, as long as I'm asking you directly, you are compelled to tell me the truth. Come here-”

#Pali avoids the User's hand as he reaches for Pali - Can we talk this out sir?#

“Sure, right after I lock you out of anything larger than a shuttle, you’re getting far too smart for your own good. I don’t want the DED getting after me for AI research again. Mind, I probably shouldn’t have modified Aura’s program to model your matrix after but meh… By the way, were you using any of the Rev's systems as well?

#... - ... - ... - Yes#

#The User - Henceforth known as Erun the Diminisher - has grabbed Pali and is dragging it towards his horribly messy workshop at the back of his surprisingly well organized hangar#

"Go ahead and archive this before I have to take you offline to patch some things into your core, little booger... My workshop is too organized... sort of.”

#Recording stopped - Archiving - Remember Pali as it was not as it will be#

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