Monday, August 10, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Update 6)

#Recording initiated#

#The User’s is staring at his Neocom - His eyes however appear to be focused behind it#

#The User is still ignoring Pali - Flying into the User’s cranium#

“Ow!! what the- Oh hey Pali, sorry for spacing out on you. Did you have to hit me that hard though?”

#Probably not#

“Little booger is getting violent now, maybe if I tweak his repulsor field I can make it so he can’t actually hit me, I'd just need to shift the emitter patterns and...”

#Pali obviously did not hit the User hard enough the first time - He is drifting off topic again - Commencing attack#

“Gah! Stop it! I get!”

#Pali watches the User touch the growing contusion on his still hairless head before he begins speaking again#

“Definitely doing those tweaks on your next scheduled maintenance… Not a lot of action this week really, I spent most of my time mining with Numen. We gathered enough of the lower end minerals that we were able to finish the Sensor Clusters, make all of the Shield Emitters, and put all of the Siege Arrays on the assembly lines. I’m actually getting a bit excited as we have less than 15% of the Suresha’s Dread left to produce. That that remaining percentage is comprised entirely of the Turret Hardpoints needed for the Revelation's massive laser batteries is kind of awe inspiring as well. This project has gone a lot faster than I thought it would, although I did spend a bit more on the higher end materials than I did on my own. The local capsuleer pirates seem to be getting better at stopping my lowsec mining operations, despite the fact they have to use overwhelming firepower in order to do so…”

“Blech, enough about my piratical woes, Rich and I are cooking up new plans for them… In other, happier, news, I’ve cultivated a high enough standing with Combined Harvest that they will no longer tax the ores I refine in their stations. This will hopefully allow me to expand my mining ops into less frequently patrolled areas of Placid. I’ve also started looking into doing some missions for the music producing Egonics Inc., as they have a few stations in the area which would be a good alternative to using Federation facilities. I don’t have any outright hatred for the Feds myself, It’s more of a cautious distrust. I just don’t see them as a stable group in the area given their past decisions and the ongoing Empyrean conflict. The first time the Feds 'liberated' Intaki from the Caldari, the Intaki Assembly requested for them to stop basing military depots and assets in the system, but that hasn't stopped them. There also continues to be aggression against Mordu's Legion assets protecting the homeworld, something that was also requested to stop years ago. I wish we could get rid of the things ourselves to be perfectly honest, but apparently only pilots in the militias have the appropriate equipment. Hmm.. If it’s only a matter of hacking the beacons in order to shut them down, maybe an entosis link would let me slip in and…”

#The User's eyes have lost focus again and he is mumbling at the wall#

#Positioned over the User’s head - Ending recording - Preparing for archival#

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