Monday, August 3, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Update 5)

#Recording initiated#

“Hey Pali, I had an interesting week, that’s for sure.”

#The User has no eyebrows…#

“Pali?! You said you wouldn’t say anything!”

#The User is trying to swat Pali out of the air but he still has no eyebrows#

“Come back here you little-”

#Error-Recording interrupted#

#Recording resumed- Pali’s optics have been deactivated but the User likely still has no eyebrows#

“#Grumbling# Little booger said he wouldn’t say anything…”

“So yeah, as Pali so poignantly commented, I don’t have any eyebrows at the moment as I’m sitting in a fresh clone. This is a result of an attack on my mining operations by pirate group the Shadow Cartel. I was able to take down my initial attacker, but not before they were able to light a cynosural field that brought several Sin and Panther Class battleships to my location. My big surprise was what happened next, as the blops deployed smartbombs which popped my pod via pulsed waves of extreme electromagnetic force. #User shudders and shakes his head# I hate that feeling, thankfully it doesn’t too much, but it still sucks…”

“In any case, we still got a lot of production done this week, finishing up the work on the Power Generators. We were also able to produce all of the Propulsion Systems this week thanks to several rare deposits that Numen was able to find out in hisec. And we have begun work on the Sensor Clusters that will pepper the Revelation’s hull. I’m going to have to be honest though, with the amount of pirate activity in the area lately I may not be able to mine the quantities of the Zydrine we still need for this project. I had to supplement my Zydrine stocks with minerals off the Placid markets this week, and I may just buy the remainder of what is needed so I can help Numen bring in the rather more considerable quantities of the lower end minerals we require. Thankfully the mining I’ve done in lowsec so far has given us the remainder of the Nocxium we need so that is one thing I won’t need to worry about on this project. The few Sensor Clusters we have left and the Shield Emitters that Revelations barely use should be finished in the next week or so, and then we start on the heavy duty work for the Siege Arrays and the Turret Hardpoints.”

“In semi-related news, I’m getting close to having enough standings with Combined Harvest to waive their tax on refining. While I may not be using those services for a little while, having good relations with a corp focusing heavily in Placid can be nothing but helpful.”

#The User is scratching the fuzz growing on his head#

“Can’t really think of much else at the moment.”

#Pali reminds the User of the missive he received from Phalad Sahantun#

#The User snaps his fingers# “Oh yeah! My old friend Phalad says that the election of the next Council of Planetary Management is going really well and that any other Clone Soldiers who haven’t voted should do so if they are able. I think that’s all now though, and next time I should even have eyebrows!" #User is glaring at Pali#

#Recording ended -Resetting optics- Preparing for archival#

#Exporting User's Current Visage to offsite storage#

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