Monday, July 27, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Progress Update #4)

#Recording initiated#

"Hey Pali, a lot happened this week so let's jump right into it!"

#Pali informs the user that it is incapable of jumping, but could perhaps emulate the action using it's onboard repulsor unit#

"Sure Pali, go for it. Now let's see, what should we talk about first...? How about the Suresha's more than half done Revelation? With the Power Generators and Jump Drives we built this week, there's only about 45% of the work left to do!"

#The user starts doing a little dance as Pali looks away#

"What? You don't like my dancing?"

#Pali as a matter of fact finds the user's 'dancing' amusing, but does not wish to subject his readership to it#

#The user is sticking his tongue out at Pali once again, but has ceased his 'dancing'#

"Meany. We did run into some supply problems this week as some local pirates and pirates dipping into Placid from null disrupted mining operations. Alice P Liddell and her crew from SKT are becoming bolder, there's almost always one of them sitting cloaked in Intaki now. As a result my zydrine and nocxium supplies aren't being replenished as quickly as I'm having to mine more cautiously. There have been some good deposits in the area the last few days so those have helped a bit. It was actually while working on one of those deposits that Rich, his more industry minded friend Dutch Okagima, and myself ran into our next mining disruption."

#Pali watches an odd smirk form on the user's face#

"I'm pretty sure this was Rich's fault in some odd karmic fashion, but we came out ahead in any case. Dutch and I were mining a Gneiss Deposit in Frarie, with several pirates entering system but just as quickly leaving. It was about two hours in when a pilot with a high Concord standing entered system in a Legion. Rich jokingly commented that with our luck today this guy would be the only one to attack us. Well wouldn't you know it but the Legion landed on grid and immediately aggressed me. Rich and I mentally laughed at each other while Dutch and I set into the guy with our drones. A few seconds after we engaged the Legion immediately lit a Cynosural Field and we stopped laughing to focus as several Blackops, Covops, and Recon ships jumped in around it. Knowing that our Procurers were already forfeit, Dutch and I decided to focus our efforts on taking down as many of the of the enemy we could. Being the least defended, two of their Covops Purifiers were caught by our drones before first Dutch and then myself lost our ships. We ended up coming out ahead on Isk since the Purifiers were worth more than our barges, and we were even able to loot the field when the group was apparently scared off by a fleet of BRAVE Newbies passing through."

#The user has a slight frown on his face#

"Unfortunately that was my last Procurer, and making another batch is going to take quite a bit of resources and time, so I'll be working on another project of mine."

#The user has begun to pace back and forth in front of his hangar bay#

"I've noticed that farther out from Intaki I'm no longer able to refine my ores without having to pay taxes to the station owners. To that end I've begun to cultivate relations among some of the corps in the area that the ILF would like to have better standings with. I've been working primarily with Combined Harvest, a food production corporation with a local focus, where local is only within the borders of Federation space. CH has stations all throughout Placid, and their refining facilities would allow me to expand the area where I can conduct my lowsec mining operations.”

#The user looks up at Pali#

“Hmm.. Anything I’m forgetting Pali?”

#Pali informs the user that it does not currently have the functionality to read his mind#

“Smartypants, I may need to move your core into a bigger shell. Well, I’m going to call it now since I can’t think of anything else, thanks Pali!”

#Recording stopped, preparing for archival#

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