Monday, July 20, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Progress Update #3)

#Recording initiated#

“Time for another update Pali, though nothing really eventful happened. Richard and I were able to finish the Crokite deposit we found last week, which went a long way towards building up my supplies of Zydrine and Nocxium. We had a few pirates try to interrupt our mining, with one unfortunate Taranis meeting an ignominious end. Most of the others were able to escape with their ships intact. To be honest we got a lot less action than we were expecting, probably because the deposit we found wasn’t visible on directional scans from either the Agoze or Ouelletta gates.”

“With the minerals I got from that site, as well as the #greatly appreciated# minerals supplied by Numen, I was able to get all of the Revelation’s Computer Systems produced, and most of the Power Generators on the assembly lines. With this latest batch of components I’ve got the Suresha’s Dreadnaught to about 50% completion. Pyerite and Mexallon continue to be the minerals I go through the fastest, though the #paid# mineral contributions of Richard and fellow Intaki Malik Moriga-Tay have helped to alleviate my Nocxium needs. I anticipate this project to last for another 2-3 months, with final production taking place in October at the latest.”

“That’s all for this week though, maybe I’ll have some more combat reports next week. I’ve not been able to find any good deposits the last few days, so I’ll probably be mining the belts of Intaki, which tends to make me more of a target.”

#Pali inquires if this is a wise course of action#

“Probably not Pali, but it gets me the minerals I need, and sometimes one of the few pirates in Placid unaware of my tactics comes along to give me a kill.”

#Pali watches a predatory grin form on the user’s face, but says nothing#

“Should be it for this week though, thanks Pali!”

#Recording ended, preparing for archival#

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