Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Progress Update #2)

#Recording started#

"Hey again Pali, can you believe that it's been another week already?"

#Pali informs the user that it can in fact believe the user, it's internal chronometer will not lose a second for another 300 million years#

#The user is sticking his tongue out at Pali#

" Haha, it usually takes a bit longer for the snark to develop. Anyway, production was a bit reduced this week as Rich and I were eager to try out the recently released Gallente Tech 3 Destroyer, the Hecate. We ended up designing separate railgun and blaster fits for them before heading out to test them. We got some good use out of them before I was set upon by a group of new pirates in the area, Terra Australis.

#The user is lifting his shoulders and has a smile on his face#

"Got some good combat data out of the fight, like learning that like it's T3 cruiser cousins the Hecate seems vulnerable to capacitor warfare. Though pretty much anything is vulnerable when it's beset by three Curse class recon cruisers. Blech... Though Rich and I did get one up on our space neighbors in Brarel when they attacked one of my mining operations. We were able to take out their scouting Astero and a Breacher before we had to get off field. It always eels good to take out the SKT folks, not sure why..."

#The user grins before shaking his head#

"I still got a good 20 more capital components produced this week, all Construction this time. We'll be starting work on the computer systems next week, provided I can keep up my current supply of zydrine. I found a good deposit of Crokite and Dark Ochre in nearby Loes that's been allowing me to build a bit more efficiently. My bottleneck this week was actually my pyerite stockpile, I'll need to ask Numen to work some more on Scordite and Plagioclase asteroids for a little while to compensate. It shouldn't bother him too much though, he seemed pretty happy last time I brought him a load of new focusing crystals."

#Pali asks the user if the blank stare and raised eyebrow he received from Pilot Numen Demessis is normally indicative of happiness#

"Yes Pali, he wasn't even grumbling under his breath at me. Though he did mention hoping to have access to the corp hangar soon. And to be fair I never got his messages saying he needed new ones."

#Pali brings up the last 14 messages from Pilot Numen Demessis#

"Yeah those! Where were they? ... Wait they weren't in SPAM again were they?"

#Pali replies in the affirmative#

"Gotta stop doing that... Alright Pali, that's all I've got for this week, thanks."

#Recording ended, preparing for archiving#

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