Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Suresha's Revelation (Progress Update #1)

#Recording started#

“Thanks Pali, I’m ready to report on the progress of the Suresha’s Revelation for the week. Numen and I gathered the materials to put the rest of the Capital Capacitor Batteries into production. Most of the minerals I need are easy enough to refine from the ores here in Placid, even the Nocxium and Zydrine are easy enough, they just take a bit more time…”

#User is staring at nothing again, a look of consternation on his face#

“I have had to repel or outright destroy several attempts to interrupt my mining operations in lowsec by the piratical element in the area. It’s costing me a bit of resources, but I was able to destroy a few Tech 3 Destroyers with the aid of corpmate Richard Masseri.”

#User is scratching the back of his head, and is now positioning his hands over his head#

“Unfortunately, getting the supply of Megacyte I need for the Suresha’s Dread is proving to be a painstakingly slow effort. This last batch of Capital Components actually went through the last of my supply… I only ever get my hands on Megacyte here in Placid if I can find a Bistot or Arkonor Deposit, and they’ve been really scarce of late… I hate having to buy my materials, but it looks like I may have to if I plan on getting this project done anytime this year…”

#User is waving his arms in the air, and is now slumped over#

#User is standing up again and looking at Pali#

“Well Pali, that’s pretty much it for the week, have I forgotten anything?”

#Pali informs the User that he’s received several interrogative notifications from the managers of his Planetary holdings#

#The User is pointing at Pali with a look of shock on his face, has Pali said something in error?#


#User has opened his Neocom and is wincing at some of the messages sitting in his inbox#

“Thanks Pali, I uh, should probably take care of these, for now you can stop recording and archive this update, I try to do this again next week…”

#User is mumbling again, boosting audio gain#

“...Given of course my managers don’t eviscerate me, I can’t believe I forgot about them when I started the Suresha’s Revelation…Still why are they so mad, it’s not like they aren’t getting paid, even on standby they… ”

#User has trailed off into silence, ending recording, preparing footage for archival#

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