Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A New Project

#Recording Started#

“You recording little dude?”

#”You” - this unit , “recording” - this unit’s primary function , “little” - truth, this unit is an approximately 5cm3 sphere , “dude” - onboard definition does not fit this unit’s physical characteristics, possibly an alternative means to address this unit?#

#User is asking if this unit is performing its primary function, replying in the affirmative#

“Awesome, normally I don’t record when I’m talking to myself, but since this is such a massive project I figured it would be cool to have a memento of the build process.”

#No interrogative detected within user’s sentence structure, no response necessary#

“Alright, well the first construction parts came out of the station factories today, so I’ll be able to start building a framework for the Suresha’s Revelation Class Dreadnaught. The first thing I did today was put the Revelation’s Armor Plates into production, all 27 of them. The Capital Armor Plates are some of the most Tritanium intensive parts of the vessel, and I happen to have a pretty good surplus of that right now, so in they went. The remaining parts I put in today were about 15 of the Capital Class Capacitor Batteries. Another one the most intensive parts of the Revelation, the Batteries provide power for the absolutely massive lasers this thing fires. Seriously, I checked the power ratings on those things, they pump out more than 300 Giga-joules of energy with every shot. That’s like firing one of my frigates at something in the form of energy. Smeesh…”

#User is scratching his head while he shakes it at the same time, no interrogative detected, continuing primary function#

“Anyway, I’ve uh, actually burned through my entire supply of Zydrine getting these parts on the production lines here in Agoze, so I’ll be mining what I can out here in lowsec while Numen continues to gather the bulk materials I need. I’ll be making one of these entries every few days or so, depending on how often I can get more Capital components into production.”

#User’s volume has dropped considerably, boosting audio gain#

“... and however many more Procurors I go through, though that fight with Oma taught me a lot about how to manage my drones. I think if I’d managed my aggro better at the beginning of that fight I might have been able to take down her Astero, maybe if I’d…”

#User is still talking, but onboard language database is unable to parse more than 1 in 3 words, user appears to be blending words in an unpredictable fashion#

#User has stopped talking and is now vacantly staring at what appears to be.. nothing? User has turned to look at this unit, his eyes are focused again#

“You’re going to need a name if we’re going to keep doing this little buddy, gimme a sec.”

#The User has a vacant look in his eyes again, he is likely accessing his Neocom#

#User has focused on this unit once again#

“Looks like your name’ll be Palikajyl, or ‘Observer’ in Modern Classic Intaki, but I think I’ll just call you Pali”

#The User has designated this unit as ‘Pali’#

“Alright Pali let’s stop recording for today, I need to get some rest before I head back out into the belts tomorrow.”

#The User is smiling at Pali#

#End Recording#

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