Sunday, April 19, 2015

Entry for Sunday, April 19th

Namas tayam!

I had fun with my corpmates this weekend, if you can call killing thousands of people and destroying millions of ISK in materials fun. Which I can, especially when I'm killing pirates both mortal, and not quite so mortal. Saturday morning was spent on patrol with returning corpmate Alessa Leon, culminating in the successful destruction of a suspect flagged Firetail in Ouelletta. The next morning I was hunting Serpentis pirates when I came across a signal that I was able to track to a Hydroponics facility in the nearby Pegeler constellation. Corpmate Richard Masseri and I spent the next few hours dismantling the rather extensive operation we found at the location. We did have a run in with one of the local Militia pilots but no harm was done, though I don't think we were particularly welcome...

New corpmate and old personal friend, Numen Demessis, is continuing his good work supplying the bulk minerals I need for my building projects. I myself have been finding some pretty good gravimetric anomalies of late that have been keeping me well stocked in some of the rarer minerals, though I have yet to find a good supply of morphite for my T2 invention projects... Oh well, the local  mineral market has been fluctuating wildly of late, hopefully it will settle in the next few weeks and I can find a good supplier again.

Suprab nahi tayam!

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