Saturday, April 25, 2015

Entry for Saturday, April 25th

Namas tayam!

The ILF has had a really busy week; a lot of combat took place, several pilots returned from duties that kept them planetbound, and I may have splurged on a BPO I've been eying for a few... months...

First up is combat, and wow did we have a lot of it this week. We had a bunch of successful engagements in the beginning of the week, mostly against known piratical element, Imperium Eden. Not to be confused with the recently rebranded Nullsec entity, the Imperium, whom we tend to have little to no interaction with. Later in the week we encountered a group of pilots from the Zeura Brotherhood who gave us a bit more trouble.

I'd like to welcome back Daketh Konshii and Seliara Elton from their extended period planetside. I'd also like to congratulate corpmates Alessa Leon and Numen Demessis on their promotions to our Combat and Industry wings respectively. 

The last bit of news for this week is that I spent more money this week than almost any other time in my span as a capsuleer. Should be ISK well spent however, as I plan to get a lot of use out of the BPO I bought. Maybe even spread my Battle-Procurer spread outside the ILF to other enterprising miners looking to break into lowsec...

Suprab nahi tayam!

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