Sunday, March 15, 2015

Entry for March 15, Moving Out

Namas tayam! 

Well, I finally did it everyone. I finally moved out of my parents' house. My parents plan on retiring to Intaki in the coming months, and their house on Eletta is in the process of being put on the market. All my childhood belongings have been packed, ready to be moved into storage until I can collect them. They'll be moving to the equatorial region of Intaki, my folks have always preferred a warmer climate than my sisters and I, and a tropical island doesn't get more temperate.

Now don't get the wrong idea, I've been living independently in space for more than seven (!) years now, but I'd always included my parents' address when references when needed. I grew up in that house on Eletta, so it will be a bit sad I'll no longer be able to visit my folks there. I've leased a spacious apartment in Intaki 5-5 for my cousin Leatha in order to provide her easier administrative access to my assets within the Placid region. Technically all capsuleers are provided quarters in the stations where they dock, but having an actual flat where I can crash rather than my admittedly spartan quarters will be good. I'll be heading to Eletta in the coming days to pick up my stuff, mostly a lot of books, old drone projects and things. Leatha will probably get a kick out of some of my older designs in any case.

Suprab nahi tayam!

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