Thursday, March 12, 2015

Entry for March 12

Namas tayam!

If you've been in or through Placid at all in the last month you'll have noticed a bit more capital activity than normal. Recent improvements to gate technology allow them to traverse interstellar distances without relying on costly jumpdrives. Despite this proliferation we are continuing in our efforts to make Intaki a safer and more prosperous to live and work. This month a new fleet concept the ILF developed has proven highly successful in winnowing the resources of pirates and would be pirates in the area. Corpmate Denak Calamari was recently recognized for his industrial efforts in the region with a position in the Vidya (Industrial) Wing of the ILF.  We also welcomed new member Magelllus into the ILF, and he's already begun moving assets into Intaki and setting up connections with agents in the area.

My own Industrial efforts will be starting in a few new - or rather, old - directions. I've decided to take up some of my old research in order to fill a niche in the Intaki market I think could use some filling. I've also begun some more large scale building projects, both for myself and future corp endeavors.

My Combat efforts, along with those of my corpmates, have seen great success with our new fleet concept, eliminating several high value pirate vessels in the last few days alone. Hopefully this new concept will continue to see success in making Intaki a safer place for all.

Suprab Nahi tayam!

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