Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Update From Phalad

The following is an entry submitted by my childhood friend, Phalad Sahantun, on of the new breed of immortal mercenaries.

We've finally done it. It's taken us more than a year since our initial Uprising, but every last one of us can now proudly say that we own our own war barges. These large vessels will serve numerous beneficial functions for us, ranging from contractual analysis to improve our combat pay, neural analysis to aid in knowledge retention and mental recovery, and even machine shops to augment our weapons effectiveness. The most advanced war barges will even have facilities for experimental weapons development. It will be a long time before my own war barge's on board factories for such upgrades, but that is alright with me.

On a more personal note I'm now fully qualified to use even prototype Logistics suits and equipment of every racial design. Mind, I don't have the financing to constantly pursue contracts using said prototype gear, but I am fully capable should the need arise. I'm now working on improving my actual combat ability, something I have admittedly been neglecting in my efforts to master the art of the LogiBro. That's all for now, signing off. o7

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