Monday, October 28, 2013

Hanging With Hong

My day began rather quietly, starting with the normal station-side updating of my planetary production facilities.  The water processing plant in one of the hot equatorial seas of Intaki Prime was one of my favorites to visit due to it's mild - for the Intaki equator - climate.  Admittedly there wasn't much to do but relax and chat with the small staff of the mostly automated facility, the overly warm seas could only support the hardiest of complex organisms, but that was most of the reason he liked it.
I roused myself from thinking about my next planet-side visit, and loaded into my favorite Ishkur for a roam of the local asteroid belts to combat the for now ubiquitous Serpentis menace.  The Empyrean conflict raging in and around Intaki provided a lot of possibilities for some of the... less savory types that frequented the system, so armed patrols would be necessary for the foreseeable future.  I eliminated the few Serpentis combat craft I found, marking the escape pods for retrieval by the few firms willing to conduct such dangerous work, many of those within likely being conscripted from space-based colonies in Intaki and outlying systems.  The ships themselves were taken completely apart to recover any useful modules and materials that may have survived their destruction.  Once I completed my rounds I headed back to Intaki V-5 to work on a new Maulus fit.  I'd gotten some tips from some other ECM pilots, and I was going to make it work... and likely die trying!

The local fluid-router announced a new connection in system as I was working, a personal acquaintance of mine, blue to the IPI named Hong WeiLoh.  We'd actually met in person at a recent conference discussing the upcoming improvements to ships, Warp Drives, and other ship systems.  We reminisced on old holovids and novels for a bit before Hong found the near -5.0 pilot Izy L hanging around in a complex near Intaki II.  His encounter with her ended in failure before I could get to him, but he found out she was using a dual-webbing artillery Firetail.  Both of them had warped off by the time I arrived, Hong in his pod and Izy in what I assumed was a damaged Firetail, so I scooped Hong's stuff before heading back to station and putting it up on contract for him.

At this point I undocked and did a scan of the system, notifying Hong after I found Izy at the complex once again.  I then proceeded to the complex on my own, hoping that I could take on an arty Firetail once I got range on it.  As is normal for me though I ended up landing right on top of her then trying to burn away and failing.  Once my pod had bounced off a safe and back to station I was nearly out of her scrambler range with the initial burst from my micro-warp drive.  I told Hong of my failure and he recommended we fleet up to confront her once again.  We both worked on reshipping, Hong in a destroyer and I started on some new frigate fittings.  Hong's hope was that she would finish the novice level complex and move onto one open to larger ships.  At this point we activated voice communications to make coordinating hopefully easier.

We met back up in Intaki, locating Izy still in system, this time in a small complex much to Hong's vengeful glee.  The first time we moved to engage she warped off, likely seeing Hong's destroyer as a greater threat.  We moved in again this time i moved in first to engage, but I was unable to provide enough dps to get through her tank.  She started to wear my Incursus' down as Hong started to warp in, and by the time he landed my ship was in the process of exploding, allowing her to warp away before Hong could engage.  I exchanged a Good Fight with Izy in local before I headed back to station, thoroughly done with PvP for the night.  Hong soon tired of chasing Izy and decided to turn in as well.  He and I exchanged a few more pleasantries, with Hong gifting me the modules he had recovered from my wreck, before he headed home for the night.  I spent a little while rebuilding an Incursus around the recovered modules before turning in for the night as well.

Not a particularly productive day PvP wise, but certainly an interesting one...

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