Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Busy September

The last few weeks had been very busy for Erun, and he'd gotten quite a lot of things done he had not expected to.  The thing that had surprised him the most as the month progressed was simply how much ISK he had been making.  He suffered nominal losses after replacing a ship every time he was unsuccessful in his combat effort, which was a often.  But somehow through his various combat and industrial activities he'd acquired nearly half a billion ISK, more money than he'd made in a month, ever.  The best part in his mind is that he'd been actively engaged and interested in all of his activities, rather than performing them as a necessity as he had been before he had joined the Intaki Liberation Front.

The biggest change for Erun though was that he no longer considered himself what many in the capsuleer community derided as a "carebear," or a pilot whose only purpose was to make more ISK by actively avoiding confrontations with other capsuleers.  He now saw himself as something he had affectionately dubbed a "care-badger," an industrial minded pilot willing to use deadly force to protect his interests.  Personally he thought his combat skills were only getting marginally better as time wore on, but the kill-board seemed to suggest differently.  He found his position at the top of it for the month of September to be particularly startling, assisting in or personally seeing to the destruction of 7 vessels.  In the same time frame he'd lost 8 vessels, many of them Maulus-class frigates that he had decided to stop taking into solo engagements. 

The losses he took while engaged in his combat activities were easily replaced with materials he acquired while combating the local Serpentis menace.  What modules he didn't use for the fittings he had lost were reprocessed into materials he could use to make new ships and modules.  His other industrial efforts had been highly successful, completing several of his personal projects and starting on some new ones.  He'd also worked on some larger scale building projects for the corp that he hoped would help in their efforts to bring peace and civility to the Intaki sovereignty.  More so than ever, Erun looked forward to what the future might bring.

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