Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October in Review

The month of October was the busiest yet in my activities for the Intaki Liberation Front.  I substantially picked up the pace in my industrial output, producing not only the allowed amount of ships I could for the corp, but several more for myself.  I was particularly proud of the Vexor that I recently built to replace the one I lost at the beginning of the month.  By the end of the month another one of my invention projects came to fruition, allowing me to more easily replace the small ships I was losing. 

Truthfully, I lost more ships in the month of October than at any other point in my five year span as a capsuleer, seventeen ships all in the space of a single month.   Many of my losses were failed attempts at continuing to use the Maulus in one on one engagements, but just as many were Tristans or destroyer losses.  I stopped offering standard crew contracts on my frigates long ago, instead foregoing even the minimal crew necessary.  I would have done the same with my destroyers, but their more complex systems required at least a skeleton crew to maintain.  The loss of a Vexor as the month began would have been a tragic loss of life had I not ordered the ship evacuated as soon as the warp core had been scrambled.  Most of the crew had decided to not extend their contract to the new ship, but a few had retained the right to change their minds at least.  On the flipside of my PvP coin I had the most victories in combat in the ILF for the month, with eight ships destroyed, six of them in solo engagements.  It's something that's starting to fill me with a growing sense of pride, perhaps I'm finally learning to be more confident in my own combat abilities.

Overall I ended the month more than 50 million ISK in the hole, but I still think I came ahead when it comes to the amount of experience I accrued.  I'm learning more about successful PvP every time I undock, and my industrial efforts supporting the economy in Placid are leaving me flush with more ships, materials, and liquid assets then at any other point in my career.  I continue to be eager at what the future of New Eden holds for me...

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