Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday, January 25th

Namas tayam! 

My apologies for the absence of posts the last couple days, I had a few problems at some of my planet-side industries that required my... ahem.. attention. I tried to get back into space a few times but it was just easier to stay on the ground for most of the work that needed to be done.

Combat around Intaki has been a bit sparse, at least for myself. Either our anti-pirate patrols are having a greater than expected dampening effect on piratical enthusiasm, or they've simply moved on to areas where the pickings are easier. I'm pleased with how my hangar is slowly filling with ships that I feel will carry me through most of the situations I encounter in the area. A variety of frigates, destroyers, and now a few cruisers are available for me to take on the patrols organized by myself and other ILF combat pilots.

A few previously undiscovered material deposits have been located in and around Intaki, providing me the opportunity to replenish my Zydrine and Megacyte supplies. Both had been running a bit lower than I'm comfortable with, but with a new surplus I'm looking at producing a few larger hulls to add to my hangars. The ILF has also recently begun efforts to further improve the industrial capabilities of the constellation, with new traders, materials, and goods arriving over the last few weeks. Taxes in the area are also likely to see a dip as we work to improve the availability of goods produced locally, hopefully an alternative to hauling in goods from as far away as Jita and Amarr. More on this latest project tomorrow, hopefully!

Suprab nahi tayam!

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  1. As long as we don't grow complacent due to the lower pirate activity, all is well.

    - Yumi