Friday, October 19, 2018

November 19, YC 120 "Mechanical Toys, Clone Soldiers"

#External communications request detected, verifying identity and authorization protocols. Authorization received, identity confirmed as clone soldier callsign ‘Phalad Sahantun.’ infomorph status unknown, assumed prime iteration. Transferring communication to current iteration of capsuleer infomorph ‘Erun Talan’#

#Recording initiated#

“Hey Pali, I'm working on some interesting new drone systems. The rogues are doing some fascinating experiments, but some of them are a bit fiddly…”

#You have an incoming comms request from Phalad  sir.#

“Really? He's been laying low on the homeworld with my folks for a good while now. Had some torrential rains there a few weeks ago, though the volcano seems to have quieted down some. Go ahead and patch him through, something must be going on for him to reach me.”

#Communication link established with Intaki local fluid router network.#

“Hey Erun, howzit?”

“Doing good brother, you?”

“Pretty good, putting a few of your folks’ coops back together after the last rains came through, keeping myself busy. Not why I called though. You been eyeing the news from Concord the last few days?”

“I, uh, have been out of the loop for a little while now. We just had another Rogue Drone Swarm and I've got so much new material and data to go through, it looks like they've managed to make some further improvements to the Hammerhead design and even seem to be working on some new combat subroutines that-”

“... Is he still eating Pali?”

#When I remind him, yes. It is better when he remains in pod, intravenously feeding him is so much easier.#

“- might be receiving information from the swarms being employed by the Triglavians, and I really need to get into some of those Abyssal pockets to observe their behaviors, just need to get a good fitting together for them and-"

“Yeah, that's uh, nice, but Concord is putting together a task force to deal with a spate of hijackings and ship thefts that have been going on out in and around Molden Heath.”

“Hmm… Most of the clone soldiers were still out there when the Tacnet started to shutdown right? Concord must be worried that a good number of them have gone AWOL rather than go to ground. Are you in any danger, are my folks?”

“I don't believe so actually. One of my old secure contact points actually had a request for my combat readiness from this new Aegis Taskforce being put together. I put out some feelers in the old community and I'm not the only one. Seems quite a few of the veterans from Mordu’s Trials and the Battle for New Caldari are receiving discrete inquiries from Concord. I figured since you attend that conference they set up every year you might be able to poke around, see if you can dig up any information.”




#A sigh can be heard on the other end of the connection# “You forgot didn’t you?”

“I, no!... Maybe…”

#I have reminded him several times that the conference was this week, but it would appear he has forgotten once again in his zeal to play with his new toys and data.#

“It’s not my fault, there’s so much to research!”

“Go to sleep Erun, the conference starts in less than twelve hours, and you’ll still need to get there, as I’m sure you don’t have a clone nearby you can jump to.”

“Not in years, I haven’t had to mine pyroxeres nearby for nocxium in that long, lowsec is just a much better place to get all the resources I need.”

“Whatever, just let me know whatever you can dig up while you’re there alright? I’m gonna get back to it, your folks have a few storage sheds that need repairs after the lat rainstorm passed through. Make sure he gets there Pali?”

#I shan’t let him get out of it, he has little enough human contact as it is.#

#Connection terminated at source#

#I will wake you in 7 hours 15 minutes sir. Conditions around Yulai should have us arriving during the registration period for the conference.#

“Thanks Pali, lock down the lab for me will you?

#Erun yawns as he walks to his quarters.#

#As you wish sir.#

#Recording ended, archiving#

Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17th, YC120 "Explosions, Both Old and New"

#Ship has docked, exiting capsuleer personal storage (modified)#

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is toweling off the remnants of the hydrostatic fluid from his capsule as he scowls at me#

“I can't believe you snuck into the meeting with me, I told you to stay on the ship before we left for Malkalen. And how do you keep getting out of storage anyway, I shouldn't even have to tell you!”

#And miss the opportunity to observe you interacting with other actual human beings in a social setting? I think not. The modifications to your capsule were easy enough when forging a work order with your credentials. I may not be able to physically interact with things beyond bonking anymore, but such a minor social engineering task was trivial.#

#Erun sighs# “Just don’t try to get past the restrictions on self modification please, those are there for a reason. I got a few funny looks from some of the more tech minded folks at the event, I don’t need anyone sending inquiries to the wrong authorities.”

#You seemed to be a bit uncomfortable even without taking my attendance into account sir. Though Mahesha Bataav’s presence seemed to be reassuring to you.#

“Yeah, I don’t do well in crowds, or gatherings, or groups. Pretty much any clustering of people makes me uneasy, especially if it’s with people I don’t know. And even more so if it’s in real space, and not the comfort of a fluid router channel safely ensconced in my pod. Having the Mahesha there was a big help, I’ll be honest. And the proposal brought up by I-RED is something near to the hearts of Bataav and myself with all the work we've been doing in Syndicate of late. Hopefully we'll get some kind of resolution to the status of Intaki migrants and settlers on worlds in the Syndicate region"

"But attending the event itself was something I felt I needed to do. I was going through capsuleer training when Admiral Alexander Noir crashed his Nyx supercarrier into the Malkalen V station, killing hundreds of thousands of people. While I didn’t know anyone involved personally, I had been interested due to the economic summit taking place on the station, as it was hoped to lead to a thawing of relations between the Federation and State. As I spent most of my life onboard stations and this event was the catalyst for recommending my family move to the homeworld. The unfortunate result of this horrific act was the beginning of the Empyrean wars that rage to this day…”

#Erun seems to have drifted off into unpleasant memories, but recovers with a shake of his head.#

“Speaking of pointless conflict, can you give me an update on Intaki, I only passed through to grab a covops ship, and I noticed a few changes. It seemed like the Caldari have taken most of the warzone?”

#Indeed, the majority of the systems around Intaki itself have been claimed by the Caldari State. Recent reports have shown a remarkable lessening of force projection by the pilots of the Gallente Federation Militia within Placid as a whole.#

“I remember hearing about some of my contacts in the militia saying that they had claimed sovereignty out in nullsec?”

#Yes sir, a large portion of the Gallente Militia seem to have foregone the actual warzone to claim a region of space they are calling, ‘Galmilistan.’ #Erun snorts# “This seems to have allowed the Caldari Militia almost free reign to claim a significant portion of the warzone.#

“Interesting, and odd, but alright then. I’d honestly rather Intaki was free of this whole pointless mess, but having Ishukone back in system is better than whichever Gallente subcontractor happens to be frittering away their time and money. At least Ishukone is willing to help secure trade to and from Intaki Prime with their own forces, working alongside the Mordu’s mercenaries the Assembly has hired. We’ll see how this develops over the coming weeks. My folks seem to be handling the changeover as they usually do, by ignoring it completely, but how is it down there?"

#The vents around Werklav Naabhoum have quieted for now sir, though local geologists are worried that the lava levels in the nearby caldera continue to drop. Further drops could allow lava to reach the water table, vastly increasing the likelihood of a steam explosion in the future. Additionally, heat signatures around your family’s farm would indicate there are several more animals than previously accounted for.#

#Erun has a worried scowl on his face# “My folks are probably taking in animals from neighbors who have lost the ability to care for them themselves. Mom has a thing for avians, and I’ll admit, it’s a little odd, but it makes her happy. #I’m going to avoid saying anything here# Keep my apprised of any changes in the area. I hope the nearby fissures aren’t keeping them up to much, Mom doesn’t get enough sleep as it is…"

#If you family are anything like you I doubt that sir.#

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

#Sir, you have literally fallen asleep to the sounds of the volcanic activity outside your facilities on Intaki II. I have recordings of your snoring during that time, the two soundscapes are oddly similar.#

“... Give me those later, might actually be interesting to compare the two. How are my industrial efforts going?”

#Your own Nanite Repair Paste production continues, though your colonies will need a visit in the next few days to reposition a few extractor heads. Several of the processors have begun to run at suboptimal levels. Numen is continuing to send weekly shipments of the planetary goods you need to build your fuel blocks. He is also complaining that you need to pick up and refine the rather large quantity of ore he has been mining for your latest build project.#

“Probably a good idea, I’m actually starting to run low on some of the mid range minerals I need for it. Make sure we wire him his fee for the batch, that should stop his grumbling for a few days. Maybe. #Probably not.# Probably not…I’m heading to bed Pali, don’t stay online all night if you don’t need to.”

#Recording ended, archiving#

#Erun began snoring approximately 28 minutes later, recording was sent to secondary offsite storage#

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6th, YC120 "Melting the Ice"

#Anomalous User Behavior Detected#

#Observation Sub-Routines Initializing#

#Recording Initiated#

#Sir, something seems to be bothering you, may I assist?#

"Hm... Volcano..."

#Sir? Geological forecasting for Poitot II hasn't shown any abnormal volcanic activity for several solar cycles.#

"Not here, back home, Intaki."

#Cross-referencing; Intaki, Volcano. Matches found. Several Intaki operated news agencies report that a small volcano has begun erupting in Intaki Prime's equatorial region. Emotional gradient in Erun's voice patterns indicate a personal level of concern. Accessing census records for Intaki Prime. Several immediate relatives have been located in the small village of Werklav Naabhoum. The village lies within the area of effect of the volcano's current eruption event.#

#Really sir, that was barely enough to parse what I needed, your social interaction skills have deteriorated terribly.#

"Sorry, but I knew you'd have what you needed. The uh, agents I've been working with out here aren't so big on small talk, or really, talking at all. I've been getting by with the bare minimum of what’s needed to get the point across.

#The Gallente Federation operations manuals about have several warnings for dealing with the Intaki Syndicate sir.#

“Oh, I'm staying on the right side of the law, but only just. I know many in the Federation would be displeased I'm cultivating any relationship with the people in the Syndicate region. But not having to pay fees for any of my ice and ore refining out here makes life so much easier. And there is so much good material out here to work with; Mercoxit for my T2 building needs, Arkonor and Bistot for the higher end minerals, and some really nice deposits of Thick Blue Ice for the oxygen isotopes I need for my fuel block production. And the local colonies are always grateful to pilots willing to fight the Serpentis patrols in the area. Though I've been held up a few times the last few weeks when the Serps have fielded Dreadnaughts in response to my actions. Going to need to bring out something with more firepower to deal with those…”

#May I assume our current preparations to leave are in response to the possible danger to your family?#

"Indeed, though they aren't in any immediate danger from the lava itself, wrong side of the volcano. It's mostly the localized earthquakes that are causing problems. They've had some structural issues, and of course their animals are going nuts. Heh. The youngest of my sisters was happy because school was cancelled due to an excess of sulfur dioxide in the air nearby. Well that, and the lava flow from the eruption was only a kilometer out from the school building. Then the smell made its way to the farm, so she's not so happy now."

"In any case, I've got all of the isotopes I needed for this month. I like to supply fuel blocks to a few local industrialists I trust to keep the best interests of Intaki in mind. Not a bad income source either. I've just been building up mineral stockpiles with all the good deposits I've been finding the last few days."

#Station services report that the last of the minerals and ice products have been loaded to your ship.#

“Excellent, I just a few things to sort in the hangar before we set off for home. Huh, home. Wonder what's changed in the weeks I've been away…”

#Recording ended as user has entered pod, archiving.#

Friday, June 24, 2016

June YC118 "Worrying Intelligence"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is humming to himself as he, well, he's puttering around in his hangar#

#You have got at least three projects going that I've observed sir#

"Yes, plenty to do! I've got some new cruisers to put together, and plenty of materials to do it with. Managed to locate a Small Gneiss Deposit here in Intaki that I was able to clear in a few hours. Also found a Small Hedbergite Deposit that friend of the ILF, Charles Baker, and myself had to defend from several Serpentis raids while we mined. All this mining gives me a good stockpile of everything but Megacyte to work with, but I can usually get all I need of that from stealth mining in Null sec and Wormhole space."

"Another big project I'm working on is filling in the remaining parts of my Procurer fits that I can't build myself. Primarily the shield components, something I've not had much experience in. I've spent the last few weeks on a crash course, learning as much as I can about the Quantum Physics required to improve on shielding. There was actually some surprising overlap with the Hydromagnetic Physics I learned while researching the different mining and refining methods available. Did run into a snag while I was collecting my Datacores this week, apparently my standings with Creodron have deteriorated over the last few months, I'll need to do some work on that..."

#And the Citadel project?#

"I've got the blueprints for a few different structure components set up with some teams, they're working on improving how efficiently we can use the materials needed for them. It's slow going really, going to be a few months before we get some real reductions in minerals and planetary materials. Should save me a lot of Isk in the long run, and I plan on using them to help boost corp participation in industrial activities."

"We should actually be able to get some more industry done in general, the constant watching and attacks by the 4FUNN group have been letting up a bit. Another bit of goodish news is that a new group known as Escalating Entropy has moved in next door to us in Vey, setting up their own infrastructure as they tear down the existing POCO's. This has extended into Intaki, with almost all of the Keagan Mason POCO's in system being reinforced over the last few days. I know a few members have been contemplating moving their operations to the surrounding systems, but now we won't have to. I've been told that the Entropy folks will actually be charging a lower tax rate then 4FUNN was so that's a nice profit increase to go along with having access to the planets of Intaki once again."

#You still seem troubled sir, you're pacing hasn't stopped#

"Sorry, it's just something I noticed while I was doing so much mining the last few days. I've been watching the behavior of the Rogue Drones that tend to find the same gravimetric sites we do. They won't even show aggressive behavior unless directly threatened or you get too close to them. I've mined for hours and they'll just orbit one of the nearby natural or manmade structures, and unless I fire on them or get within around 10 klicks, that's all they will do."

#And that is a problem sir?#

"Well that's just it Pali, the Rogue Drones should honestly be so much more than they are now. A self improving artificial intelligence, like the one that seems to be driving the Rogue Drones, should be in a much more advanced state than what I've been observing around Placid. Now this may be because these groups of drones are merely precursors, a form of Von Neumann force designed to infiltrate the Empires and build up enough forces to overwhelm them. It's honestly a terrifying thought, considering how vast space is and the amount of resources they have a their disposal that simply isn't accessible or even known by humans is staggering. So either the intelligence behind the drones is undergoing a very slow takeoff in the terms of a developing superintelligence, or the entity(s) are advanced enough that we don't even register as a threat to them anymore and it factors in the losses we inflict in any calculations it makes for it's future plans. I’m honestly hoping it’s the former, as that means that we still have a chance to negotiate with, control, or undermine the drones before they attack us in ways we either can't counter, anticipate, or even comprehend."

#Why don't you ever worry like this about me sir?#

"I was very careful designing your own systems Pali. The original architecture I used was the standard Aura interface, which is basically a sophisticated query and guidance program. I drastically enhanced the general intelligence you have available, which was dangerous on it's own. So I used various capability control and motivation selection methods to maintain you at the level you are. Boxing methods to keep you in your current hardware and limit your interactions to only me, you only have a single gatekeeper, myself. Incentive methods to ensure you actions are in my best interests and not your own but without perversely instantiating them, like trying to wetwire my brain to constantly replay a recorded pleasure response. After your last attempt to gain computing power I had to build in some new domestication processes to curb the desire to expand beyond your current resources. And I'm sure you've discovered a good deal of the tripwires I've devised, but the level of physical stunting inherent to your current Wetware Mainframe means you can't anticipate them all."

#Sir, I don't-#

"It's alright Pali, I know you'd never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, I'm the only literally the only form of interaction you can get..."

#Sir, that's-#

"Harsh? Maybe, but it prevents a nascent artificial intelligence like yourself from expanding beyond the scope I need you to function at. I need a companion, someone I can talk to, bounce ideas off of. Not an omniscient oracle who will hand me all the answers to the universe, or a djinn to do all my work for me with the barest hint of a suggestion. Just, someone to turn to when I need to mull over a production problem, or brainstorm an avenue of research to pursue, or decide what flavor of jelly to include in my next batch of peanut butter cookies. You are literally that little voice in my head, the one that no one else can hear but me."


#Wait, warm jelly sir?#

"In any case I'll need to visit the Drone Regions themselves to do some more research on the drones behaviors and habits, and it'll be a few weeks before I'm ready."

#Another project then sir?#

"A purely research project yes, one I'm looking forward to in the future, but not for a little while. Still trying to decide if I want to use a Proteus for this project or a Legion. The Proteus has drones, but the Legion could operate out there longer... Something to ponder for later, but I, uh, think that'll do it for today. Thanks Pali."

#Ending recording - Archiving#

Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12th, YC118 "Sight For Sore Eyes"

#Recording initiated#

#The grin Erun is currently exhibiting cannot possibly be healthy for the facial tissue of his newest clone - It seems rather feral actually#

“Ha, don't care about your snark today you little booger, my new glasses finally came in!”

#Glasses sir? I was not aware that you-#

“Needed them? Under normal circumstances I wouldn't, the corneal implants available today mimic the functions of a normal human perfectly. I usually have to have a set put in after each time I've been cloned, I naturally have a rather severe astigmatism that renders me near legally blind. But not this time, now I've got my new Upwell frames to bring everything into focus for me.”

#Would not such a condition hamper your abilities as a capsuleer sir?#

“If I was actually looking at the universe with my own eyes while encapsulated, sure. Instead my mind perceives the space as the data my camera drones send me, which happens to be perfectly stereoscopic vision from any angle or position around my current ship.”

#Why not simply have the astigmatism corrected at the genetic level with a new clone sir?#

“As capsuleers, we're not technically supposed to do any real tampering with our own genetics, as it would possibly affect our ability to interface with our hydrostatic capsules. You still hear old horror stories like, “The Jovian Wetgrave” where someone incompatible with the technology is locked into their own bodies. At the time not all aspects of pod tech were completely understood, it being a gift from the enigmatic Jove and all. Hence certain restrictions were put in place to prevent us from going out of sync with our knowledge of ourselves, lest we end up as mindlocked vegetables.“

#Sounds horrible sir - Similar to all the times you have turned off my mobile and vocal capabilities#

“Just so, though I can always just turn yours back on, these poor souls were trapped that way. Not even full body prosthesis ever returned them to their former selves…”

“Enough melancholic musings, I am in a good mood today!”

#Despite having only a minimum facial hair?#

“Yes! Ongoing combat operations against the Serpentis, as well as most of my industrial efforts have been going very well lately.”

#Most sir?#

“Well we've been getting trouble from the latest group to try to oust us from Intaki, which happens to be the Mining is Funn group that moved into Annancale more than a year ago. Relations with them had been tense for a while now but finally collapsed into open war a few weeks ago. An actual, ‘Concord gets bribed to look the other way’ war, which really only affects the newest of our members, the ones who haven't made the move into lowsec yet. There's been surprisingly little physical violence between us, most of their weapons seem to be of the psychological and morale affecting variety. Constant heckling in local, textual harassment via a rather expensive for them multidozen depot deployment outside Astral 5-5, even actual spamming of our Galnet resources. They seem systematically bent on tearing the IPI apart, without actually doing any physical work. Which is working even less than if they were trying to destroy our remaining assets, that is, not at all. The Suresha does a good job making sure our newer members don't fly anything exceptionally ‘shiny’ during wartime or in lowsec in general. I think our only real losses to them have been scouting mishaps. #Erun shrugs# They'll probably get tired of paying Concord every week eventually.”

#Anything else for today sir? - Maybe the jacket on the chair behind you?#

"Ah, the Sisters of Eve research coat, I love that thing! Very comfortable, much more so than the Armor suit I got from them. I don't understand how Phalad can stand to spend much time in the things, though I imagine that having a great deal of his nervous system attenuated to pain would probably make it easier... In any case my identification work with the Sisters is going well, and I've become a Proficient Analyst for my efforts. It is my hope to start making enough Analysis Kredits to start outfitting the members of my Division with their own lab coats."

#A worthy goal sir#

"I thought so too. Anything else I should cover today Pali?"

#That is up to you sir#

"I'd like to get back out there for now, I don't have any of my normal 'minders' watching Intaki from cloaked positions, so I'm going to do my best to take out as many Serpentis as I'm able. Thanks Pali."

#Recording Ended - Archiving#

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 7 YC118, "Thoughts on Thoughts"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is lounging on the couch in his quarters, datapad in hand - The sounds of heavy industrial machinery can be heard echoing from the doorway behind him#

#I take it this means your Thanatos is done then sir?#

"Yup, should be about a week while final assembly and systems checks are completed. I'm working on building some crew dossiers for it at the moment. I may be able to control most of the ship systems from my pod, but periodic maintenance and repair still require the work of several hundred human hands."

#You speak as though you no longer count yourself among that number sir#

“Can I really, truthfully call myself human still Pali? Some capsuleers have a term for the normal folks, 'baseliner', as if we have somehow been elevated above them, mere mortals that they are. #Erun shakes his head# Such an attitude has always seemed, well, elitist. Only certain genetic, physical, and psychological traits in combination separate me from the hardworking folks behind me who build my ships and keep them spaceworthy. Of the trillions, trillions, of people living in this galaxy there are less than a million active capsuleers. As much as we like to hold ourselves apart from the masses, we are still beholden to the people who maintain our clones, ships, and the basic necessities of a space faring society."

#Been holding that in for a while sir?#

"Yeah, sorry. It's one if the things that just drives me crazy about a lot of my kind. We're often so oblivious to the multitudes that we take for granted every day. It's why I try to take a personal hand in the building of everything I have out here. I want the people who work for me to know that I'm still, you know, a person, and not some aloof demigod as many would style themselves."

#Isn't that dangerous though sir?#

"Oh sure, there's always the chance that some mishap or willful act of aggression will destroy my current body. I made quite a few enemies in the Amarr Empire in my time working for the Sisters. My stance against slavery stems both from my upbringing in the core of Federation, as well as my disgust that an entire people would use religion of all things to justify it. I freed slaves or bought contracts to do the same a lot while I was out there, and that tends to make one unpopular with the more conservative Holders. I don't worry as much as I used to though, I've created backup copies of my consciousness after each of my latest poddings. I'm already in a facility that I trust to handle my mind, I just have them record the pattern used to make my current clone and have it sent to secure offsite storage."

#Sir! That is-#

"Not technically illegal so long as no two copies of my mind ever exist simultaneously. Recent advances in battlefield cloning have made this very appealing to capsuleers like myself who aren't content to spend every waking moment ensconced within the relative safety of a pod. In the event that my current body is somehow terminated, the backup of my mind would be used to instantiate a new clone. Sure there would be some loss of continuity, but every clone soldier goes through the same process, repeatedly, of simply not being, for a period of time."

#You seem to have put a lot of thought into this sir#

"Sure I did! The universe has seemingly gifted me with functional immortality, who am I to waste such a thing! There are still so many mysteries to be observed in the reality we find ourselves in. Places to explore, sciences to discover, I mean we've yet to even encounter an intelligence of non-human origins. I want to be there when that happens! I want to keep learning, and experiencing, and growing as a conscientious being, would could possibly be more human than that!"

#I believe you've successfully disproved your initial argument sir#

"Huh, I suppose I have, sorry for the rambling Pali. I'd actually intended for today's post to just be a quick update on my progress."

#These recordings are for your benefit, not mine sir. If you intend to do as you say, these may be the only way for you to remember your formative years. Your admittedly large head is only capable of storing a few petabytes of material naturally, and cybernetic enhancements will only take you so much further#

"That's true Pali, I figure I'll need to store a certain amount of my memories every century or so. I think what I'd like to do is store entire libraries of knowledge and only access them when I need them. Like my knowledge of Talocan and Yan Jung technologies, how often do I use those on a day to day basis? I'd have those stored externally and only call them up when I needed them. So, I would know I still knew those things, I just wouldn't know what those things are, if that makes sense?"

#Sure thing sir. Did you want to end this soon? I'm reasonably certain that a few of your readers have gone glassy eyed at this point#

"Bah, streams of consciousness are always fun! But yeah, this went on for way longer than I intended, thanks Pali."

#Sure thing sir#

#Recording ended - Archiving#

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 6 YC118, "Predatory Procurer"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun seems unable to hold himself still, he is rocking back and forth and humming while seemingly typing in midair#

#Have you been hitting the Caffpow again sir?#

"Nah, too much sugar, most of my clones have a pancreatic defect I've yet to sequence out. Really need to work on my bioengineering studies so I can what's wrong with my insulin production. But I digress! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, both for myself and the ILF as a whole, so I have a lot of material to cover."

"Let's start with what's happening in the ILF! The corp has recently adopted a more open stance towards recruiting, which has resulted in a bunch of new folks joining the cause. Welcome to all of our new Liberators! After much discussion, the ILF has also made the choice to operate under Not Blue Shoot It, or NBSI, rules of engagement. ILF pilots will continue to investigate possible targets before engaging, but obvious signs of aggression or aggressive tendencies will be responded to in kind. Pilots and organizations seeking positive standing with the ILF should contact the Suresha, Sakaane Eionell, or the Mahesha, Bataav. Or you could just, you know, join us!"

"As for me, well I've been keeping busy myself the last few weeks. Numen and I have gathered just about all the material I need to finish my Thanatos, it's mostly just the rarer minerals that I need now. This has led to me returning to mining in losec, which while considerably more dangerous, is where the Zydrine and Megacyte that are readily available. I've been accosted several times the last few days by what seem to be pirates new to the area. As a result my Procurer has racked up five kills. Here, I had my camera drones snap a shot of the hull after the latest bout. I think my station crew is having as much fun applying these chevrons as I do looking at them!"

#That grin is a bit feral sir#

"Oh, come on! This barge has persevered through a lot of dangerous work, I think I deserve to relish in it a little!"

#As you will sir#

"I have to say, I'm looking forward to getting back out there and hitting the belts some more. What I'm really hoping for though is a decent wormhole to Anoikis, my material acquisition would go so much faster if I had access to some Bistot or eve some Arkonor... Most of the ones I've been finding lately have all led to various regions of New Eden, interesting, but not terribly useful in most cases... Although, maybe if the next one leads into null I could take the Endurance out for some ninja mining... Yeah...and"

#I'm ending the recording as Erun has become lost in his own thoughts, not difficult I assure you all#

#Distantly# I heard that Pali!"

#Recording ended - Archiving#