Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17th, YC120 "Explosions, Both Old and New"

#Ship has docked, exiting capsuleer personal storage (modified)#

#Recording initiated#

#Erun is toweling off the remnants of the hydrostatic fluid from his capsule as he scowls at me#

“I can't believe you snuck into the meeting with me, I told you to stay on the ship before we left for Malkalen. And how do you keep getting out of storage anyway, I shouldn't even have to tell you!”

#And miss the opportunity to observe you interacting with other actual human beings in a social setting? I think not. The modifications to your capsule were easy enough when forging a work order with your credentials. I may not be able to physically interact with things beyond bonking anymore, but such a minor social engineering task was trivial.#

#Erun sighs# “Just don’t try to get past the restrictions on self modification please, those are there for a reason. I got a few funny looks from some of the more tech minded folks at the event, I don’t need anyone sending inquiries to the wrong authorities.”

#You seemed to be a bit uncomfortable even without taking my attendance into account sir. Though Mahesha Bataav’s presence seemed to be reassuring to you.#

“Yeah, I don’t do well in crowds, or gatherings, or groups. Pretty much any clustering of people makes me uneasy, especially if it’s with people I don’t know. And even more so if it’s in real space, and not the comfort of a fluid router channel safely ensconced in my pod. Having the Mahesha there was a big help, I’ll be honest. And the proposal brought up by I-RED is something near to the hearts of Bataav and myself with all the work we've been doing in Syndicate of late. Hopefully we'll get some kind of resolution to the status of Intaki migrants and settlers on worlds in the Syndicate region"

"But attending the event itself was something I felt I needed to do. I was going through capsuleer training when Admiral Alexander Noir crashed his Nyx supercarrier into the Malkalen V station, killing hundreds of thousands of people. While I didn’t know anyone involved personally, I had been interested due to the economic summit taking place on the station, as it was hoped to lead to a thawing of relations between the Federation and State. As I spent most of my life onboard stations and this event was the catalyst for recommending my family move to the homeworld. The unfortunate result of this horrific act was the beginning of the Empyrean wars that rage to this day…”

#Erun seems to have drifted off into unpleasant memories, but recovers with a shake of his head.#

“Speaking of pointless conflict, can you give me an update on Intaki, I only passed through to grab a covops ship, and I noticed a few changes. It seemed like the Caldari have taken most of the warzone?”

#Indeed, the majority of the systems around Intaki itself have been claimed by the Caldari State. Recent reports have shown a remarkable lessening of force projection by the pilots of the Gallente Federation Militia within Placid as a whole.#

“I remember hearing about some of my contacts in the militia saying that they had claimed sovereignty out in nullsec?”

#Yes sir, a large portion of the Gallente Militia seem to have foregone the actual warzone to claim a region of space they are calling, ‘Galmilistan.’ #Erun snorts# “This seems to have allowed the Caldari Militia almost free reign to claim a significant portion of the warzone.#

“Interesting, and odd, but alright then. I’d honestly rather Intaki was free of this whole pointless mess, but having Ishukone back in system is better than whichever Gallente subcontractor happens to be frittering away their time and money. At least Ishukone is willing to help secure trade to and from Intaki Prime with their own forces, working alongside the Mordu’s mercenaries the Assembly has hired. We’ll see how this develops over the coming weeks. My folks seem to be handling the changeover as they usually do, by ignoring it completely, but how is it down there?"

#The vents around Werklav Naabhoum have quieted for now sir, though local geologists are worried that the lava levels in the nearby caldera continue to drop. Further drops could allow lava to reach the water table, vastly increasing the likelihood of a steam explosion in the future. Additionally, heat signatures around your family’s farm would indicate there are several more animals than previously accounted for.#

#Erun has a worried scowl on his face# “My folks are probably taking in animals from neighbors who have lost the ability to care for them themselves. Mom has a thing for avians, and I’ll admit, it’s a little odd, but it makes her happy. #I’m going to avoid saying anything here# Keep my apprised of any changes in the area. I hope the nearby fissures aren’t keeping them up to much, Mom doesn’t get enough sleep as it is…"

#If you family are anything like you I doubt that sir.#

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

#Sir, you have literally fallen asleep to the sounds of the volcanic activity outside your facilities on Intaki II. I have recordings of your snoring during that time, the two soundscapes are oddly similar.#

“... Give me those later, might actually be interesting to compare the two. How are my industrial efforts going?”

#Your own Nanite Repair Paste production continues, though your colonies will need a visit in the next few days to reposition a few extractor heads. Several of the processors have begun to run at suboptimal levels. Numen is continuing to send weekly shipments of the planetary goods you need to build your fuel blocks. He is also complaining that you need to pick up and refine the rather large quantity of ore he has been mining for your latest build project.#

“Probably a good idea, I’m actually starting to run low on some of the mid range minerals I need for it. Make sure we wire him his fee for the batch, that should stop his grumbling for a few days. Maybe. #Probably not.# Probably not…I’m heading to bed Pali, don’t stay online all night if you don’t need to.”

#Recording ended, archiving#

#Erun began snoring approximately 28 minutes later, recording was sent to secondary offsite storage#


  1. Very entertaining!

  2. I enjoyed that. Wonderful detail and imaginative. Left me curious what that large build project might be