Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6th, YC120 "Melting the Ice"

#Anomalous User Behavior Detected#

#Observation Sub-Routines Initializing#

#Recording Initiated#

#Sir, something seems to be bothering you, may I assist?#

"Hm... Volcano..."

#Sir? Geological forecasting for Poitot II hasn't shown any abnormal volcanic activity for several solar cycles.#

"Not here, back home, Intaki."

#Cross-referencing; Intaki, Volcano. Matches found. Several Intaki operated news agencies report that a small volcano has begun erupting in Intaki Prime's equatorial region. Emotional gradient in Erun's voice patterns indicate a personal level of concern. Accessing census records for Intaki Prime. Several immediate relatives have been located in the small village of Werklav Naabhoum. The village lies within the area of effect of the volcano's current eruption event.#

#Really sir, that was barely enough to parse what I needed, your social interaction skills have deteriorated terribly.#

"Sorry, but I knew you'd have what you needed. The uh, agents I've been working with out here aren't so big on small talk, or really, talking at all. I've been getting by with the bare minimum of what’s needed to get the point across.

#The Gallente Federation operations manuals about have several warnings for dealing with the Intaki Syndicate sir.#

“Oh, I'm staying on the right side of the law, but only just. I know many in the Federation would be displeased I'm cultivating any relationship with the people in the Syndicate region. But not having to pay fees for any of my ice and ore refining out here makes life so much easier. And there is so much good material out here to work with; Mercoxit for my T2 building needs, Arkonor and Bistot for the higher end minerals, and some really nice deposits of Thick Blue Ice for the oxygen isotopes I need for my fuel block production. And the local colonies are always grateful to pilots willing to fight the Serpentis patrols in the area. Though I've been held up a few times the last few weeks when the Serps have fielded Dreadnaughts in response to my actions. Going to need to bring out something with more firepower to deal with those…”

#May I assume our current preparations to leave are in response to the possible danger to your family?#

"Indeed, though they aren't in any immediate danger from the lava itself, wrong side of the volcano. It's mostly the localized earthquakes that are causing problems. They've had some structural issues, and of course their animals are going nuts. Heh. The youngest of my sisters was happy because school was cancelled due to an excess of sulfur dioxide in the air nearby. Well that, and the lava flow from the eruption was only a kilometer out from the school building. Then the smell made its way to the farm, so she's not so happy now."

"In any case, I've got all of the isotopes I needed for this month. I like to supply fuel blocks to a few local industrialists I trust to keep the best interests of Intaki in mind. Not a bad income source either. I've just been building up mineral stockpiles with all the good deposits I've been finding the last few days."

#Station services report that the last of the minerals and ice products have been loaded to your ship.#

“Excellent, I just a few things to sort in the hangar before we set off for home. Huh, home. Wonder what's changed in the weeks I've been away…”

#Recording ended as user has entered pod, archiving.#

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  1. Occurrences at your ancestral village on Intaki Prime parallel what's really happening in Hawaii right now! RL and fiction merge