Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12th, YC118 "Sight For Sore Eyes"

#Recording initiated#

#The grin Erun is currently exhibiting cannot possibly be healthy for the facial tissue of his newest clone - It seems rather feral actually#

“Ha, don't care about your snark today you little booger, my new glasses finally came in!”

#Glasses sir? I was not aware that you-#

“Needed them? Under normal circumstances I wouldn't, the corneal implants available today mimic the functions of a normal human perfectly. I usually have to have a set put in after each time I've been cloned, I naturally have a rather severe astigmatism that renders me near legally blind. But not this time, now I've got my new Upwell frames to bring everything into focus for me.”

#Would not such a condition hamper your abilities as a capsuleer sir?#

“If I was actually looking at the universe with my own eyes while encapsulated, sure. Instead my mind perceives the space as the data my camera drones send me, which happens to be perfectly stereoscopic vision from any angle or position around my current ship.”

#Why not simply have the astigmatism corrected at the genetic level with a new clone sir?#

“As capsuleers, we're not technically supposed to do any real tampering with our own genetics, as it would possibly affect our ability to interface with our hydrostatic capsules. You still hear old horror stories like, “The Jovian Wetgrave” where someone incompatible with the technology is locked into their own bodies. At the time not all aspects of pod tech were completely understood, it being a gift from the enigmatic Jove and all. Hence certain restrictions were put in place to prevent us from going out of sync with our knowledge of ourselves, lest we end up as mindlocked vegetables.“

#Sounds horrible sir - Similar to all the times you have turned off my mobile and vocal capabilities#

“Just so, though I can always just turn yours back on, these poor souls were trapped that way. Not even full body prosthesis ever returned them to their former selves…”

“Enough melancholic musings, I am in a good mood today!”

#Despite having only a minimum facial hair?#

“Yes! Ongoing combat operations against the Serpentis, as well as most of my industrial efforts have been going very well lately.”

#Most sir?#

“Well we've been getting trouble from the latest group to try to oust us from Intaki, which happens to be the Mining is Funn group that moved into Annancale more than a year ago. Relations with them had been tense for a while now but finally collapsed into open war a few weeks ago. An actual, ‘Concord gets bribed to look the other way’ war, which really only affects the newest of our members, the ones who haven't made the move into lowsec yet. There's been surprisingly little physical violence between us, most of their weapons seem to be of the psychological and morale affecting variety. Constant heckling in local, textual harassment via a rather expensive for them multidozen depot deployment outside Astral 5-5, even actual spamming of our Galnet resources. They seem systematically bent on tearing the IPI apart, without actually doing any physical work. Which is working even less than if they were trying to destroy our remaining assets, that is, not at all. The Suresha does a good job making sure our newer members don't fly anything exceptionally ‘shiny’ during wartime or in lowsec in general. I think our only real losses to them have been scouting mishaps. #Erun shrugs# They'll probably get tired of paying Concord every week eventually.”

#Anything else for today sir? - Maybe the jacket on the chair behind you?#

"Ah, the Sisters of Eve research coat, I love that thing! Very comfortable, much more so than the Armor suit I got from them. I don't understand how Phalad can stand to spend much time in the things, though I imagine that having a great deal of his nervous system attenuated to pain would probably make it easier... In any case my identification work with the Sisters is going well, and I've become a Proficient Analyst for my efforts. It is my hope to start making enough Analysis Kredits to start outfitting the members of my Division with their own lab coats."

#A worthy goal sir#

"I thought so too. Anything else I should cover today Pali?"

#That is up to you sir#

"I'd like to get back out there for now, I don't have any of my normal 'minders' watching Intaki from cloaked positions, so I'm going to do my best to take out as many Serpentis as I'm able. Thanks Pali."

#Recording Ended - Archiving#

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