Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 6 YC118, "Predatory Procurer"

#Recording initiated#

#Erun seems unable to hold himself still, he is rocking back and forth and humming while seemingly typing in midair#

#Have you been hitting the Caffpow again sir?#

"Nah, too much sugar, most of my clones have a pancreatic defect I've yet to sequence out. Really need to work on my bioengineering studies so I can what's wrong with my insulin production. But I digress! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, both for myself and the ILF as a whole, so I have a lot of material to cover."

"Let's start with what's happening in the ILF! The corp has recently adopted a more open stance towards recruiting, which has resulted in a bunch of new folks joining the cause. Welcome to all of our new Liberators! After much discussion, the ILF has also made the choice to operate under Not Blue Shoot It, or NBSI, rules of engagement. ILF pilots will continue to investigate possible targets before engaging, but obvious signs of aggression or aggressive tendencies will be responded to in kind. Pilots and organizations seeking positive standing with the ILF should contact the Suresha, Sakaane Eionell, or the Mahesha, Bataav. Or you could just, you know, join us!"

"As for me, well I've been keeping busy myself the last few weeks. Numen and I have gathered just about all the material I need to finish my Thanatos, it's mostly just the rarer minerals that I need now. This has led to me returning to mining in losec, which while considerably more dangerous, is where the Zydrine and Megacyte that are readily available. I've been accosted several times the last few days by what seem to be pirates new to the area. As a result my Procurer has racked up five kills. Here, I had my camera drones snap a shot of the hull after the latest bout. I think my station crew is having as much fun applying these chevrons as I do looking at them!"

#That grin is a bit feral sir#

"Oh, come on! This barge has persevered through a lot of dangerous work, I think I deserve to relish in it a little!"

#As you will sir#

"I have to say, I'm looking forward to getting back out there and hitting the belts some more. What I'm really hoping for though is a decent wormhole to Anoikis, my material acquisition would go so much faster if I had access to some Bistot or eve some Arkonor... Most of the ones I've been finding lately have all led to various regions of New Eden, interesting, but not terribly useful in most cases... Although, maybe if the next one leads into null I could take the Endurance out for some ninja mining... Yeah...and"

#I'm ending the recording as Erun has become lost in his own thoughts, not difficult I assure you all#

#Distantly# I heard that Pali!"

#Recording ended - Archiving#

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