Friday, June 21, 2013

When Diplomacy Fails

A disgusted sigh escaped Erun's lips as he closed the comm on yet another unsuccessful attempt to ingratiate himself with the Reasearch and Development agents of the Amarr Empire... His standings with the theocratic hegemony had deteriorated so far in his assignments with the Gallente and Minmatar governments that even the lowest grade agents of the Amarr refused to even speak with him. His efforts in aiding the Sisters of EVE had cooled tensions to the point the the Amarrian Navy wouldn't shoot him on sight anymore, but he'd apparently been blacklisted in their research community. Looking out over his hangar he made up his mind and decided to pack it up and head home to Intaki. He'd spent the last week or so doing mundane tasks for the few Amarrian agents who would even speak to him, and it had been getting him nowhere quickly.

A quick thought sent a substantial severance package to the small crew of the Cormorant destroyer he'd cobbled together for his work, as well as an order for the vessel itself to be mothballed for potential future use. Another thought sent the random bits and bobs he'd collected to the station's reprocessing facilities. He'd take the resulting  higher end materials like megacyte and zydrine, with him back to Intaki. The piles of low end materials comprising of tritanium and pyerite were simply too large to fit in the Ishkur Assault frigate he would be flying home, so they were quickly shortsold on the market. All of these preparations were completed while Erun was reintegrated with his pod and inserted into Sura K'Yevpeyshaara. The name of his Ishkur was a MCI translation of the ancient Gallentean god of storms who gave the ship it's name. A curious reminder of Erun's interest in cultures both ancient and modern.

Final preparations were completed and after being given the all clear the ship navigated it's way out the bottom of the station before aligning itself on the outgoing gate to the Cleyd system. There would be a short hop through lowsec to get his adrenalin going before the long trip back to Intaki sovereignty. The warp drive came online and the beautifully crafted golden facade of the cathedral-like station shrank to nothing behind him as Erun's thoughts turned to some no less serious, but perhaps happier news. He'd received notification that Suresha Saxon Hawke had resigned his post as CEO and elevated Sakaane Eionell to fill his place. Already the corp channel was filling with ideas on how to celebrate the new Suresha's well deserved promotion, ranging from fireworks and laser shows, to a race through the Viriette constellation in her honor. Mentally grinning to himself, Erun could only laugh at the likely fun and interesting times ahead.

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