Monday, October 3, 2011

Return from obscurity...

As far as Erun could tell his new recording implant was functioning properly, although a few tweaks were still needed here and there.  His recorded thoughts and actions were continuously streamed via his Neocom to a secure server where he could peruse them at his leisure.  His previous implant had served him well until it failed spectacularly after he was podded while in null security space.  Most of his previous entries had been lost when the stream was corrupted.  His Neocom maintained a separate log of all channels he participated in but his personal recordings from the last few months had all been lost.   
He opened his eyes and yawned as he moved out of the lotus position on his bed.  Looking around his spartan copper toned quarters he stretched before hopping over the couch to review the fittings for his current Ishkur Assault ship.  Sinking into the cushions he toggled the holo-display into activity before leaning his head back to gaze at the drab ceiling above him.  He didn't really mind the current quarters available to the capsuleers, though he did still prefer the homeostatic suspension within the pod.  The quarters offered him a new perspective into life on station, a more visceral experience than the virtual environments he had indulged in since he began his career.  He grinned lightly as he recalled the less hospitable comments of some of his fellow capsuleers.  Leaning forward he called up the schematics and analysis for his Ishkur, named, "Yevpeyshaar Sura," or "Rain God" in Modern Classic Intaki. The ship had been named thus due to his growing interest in the culture of his ancestral birthplace.  Erun's stubbornness meant he had avoided the available language programs in favor of learning the language the old fashioned way through practice, practice, and more practice. After making a few modifications to the vessels module loadout he closed down the holo-display before slowly walking up the hallway to his viewing platform and pod cradle.  The fittings had been completed by the station equipment by the time he made it to the docking cradle, giving him a good view of his small combat vessel.  Erun gave a small grimace at the prospect of reentering his pod, before making his way down the ladder to the cradle.  He really did prefer the relative safety of his pod to the station environment, but it was interesting to experience the world with his own flesh and blood now and again.

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